So. I’ve decided that I need to come up with a system to ensure that I am eating more than once a day. I’m feeling a little ill from eating lunch today at 3:30 pm.

But that’s probably because the last thing I ate was lunch YESTERDAY. And if memory serves, it wasn’t much. A few eggs and a hotdog. Oh yeah, watch out Top Chef! Here I come! And on Tuesday, I had pizza for lunch with my roommate. And some apps from Bennigans, thank you Fawn. And a sandwich on Monday? I think that was it.

So let’s count this up: I have eaten five times in four days.

Does that sound even the slightest bit unhealthy to anyone else?


One thought on “eating

  1. Muppet Soul says:

    UNHEALTHY!Although I do the same thing – forget to eat. then I get a monstrous headache and think, why don’t I feel good?sustenance = good.

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