part two…

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He texted her today.

Out of the blue.

She hadn’t heard from him in days and seemed uninterested the last time they saw each other. He was distant. Especially after she told him her plans for the fall. Leaving. Being states away. Going to seminary. She was testing him, she wanted to see how he felt about her. He seemed taken back by her choice. Then he stopped talking to her. She thought she had her answer. She was ok with her answer.

She finally began living life on her own terms. She hung out with who she wanted, when she wanted. She enjoyed her freedom. She thought about him, but less and less every day. She needed that.

Then the text.

He wanted to know if she was working. Which she was.

He came to see her at work. He hung out with her for an hour at work. He was wearing his glasses. She noticed that he was wearing them the last time he saw her, too. Is this because she told him that she likes them? He looks better with them. He also got his hair cut. Oh he looked good.

He told her that he liked her pants. That they looked good on her. She didn’t know what to say. She thought he wasn’t interested. They talked. They talked about her being back home recently. About her awkward almost date. She was flustered talking to him. Her heart was racing, her mind right along with it. She joked that he didn’t want to date her. That he said so. He said that he’d never said that. His eyes did not contradict his mouth. She was taken aback, but recovered quickly. She had already finished her work. With lightning speed as they talked, she worked. She had to keep her hands busy. And now there was nothing to cover up her sudden realization.

And then he said it.

He wanted to take her on a ride. In his new car. That was why he had come.

She was thrilled. She had wanted a ride in his new car. He was so excited about it. He talked about it nonstop before he bought it.

She was finally done with work. They went out the back door, and walked around the building to the front. And she saw his car. It was dirty. It was beautiful. She was excited for him to finally have it.

He opened the door for her.

She didn’t know what to think. She genuinely thought he wasn’t interested. And suddenly he is. Suddenly he is there. At her work. Taking her for a ride in his new car.

They drive off in his car. He’s showing off for her. She’s a little nervous that he’s going to get pulled over. Or is she just nervous because she’s sitting next to him?

He asks if she wants ice cream. She decides that ice cream is a good idea. He takes her to Dairy Queen. She gets a cookie dough blizzard. And so does he. She realizes that she doesn’t mind that he just ordered the same thing as her. She can’t remember the last time that it didn’t bother her.

He smiles at her.

She can’t help thinking how adorable he looks in his crooked glasses. And his dimple.

It’s cold outside. Why did she choose to stand outside waiting for ice cream? He asks her if she’s cold. She says no but walks around behind him and starts rubbing his arms to warm him up, asking if he is cold. Finally their ice cream is ready.

She follows him back to his car, where he opens the door again. Where did this chivalry come from? Is he really interested now? Can she risk falling for him when she’ll be leaving in a few short months? Will he risk falling for her?

He takes her back to her car. She can sense that he doesn’t want her to leave. But why? What is this new thing behind his eyes?

She suggests a movie. At her place. He hastily accepts. The tension in the car is released.

She gets out of his car. He tells her goodbye. Tells her to call him.

She texts him when she gets home. She tells him 7:30.

She goes online, chats with a friend. Looks at some pictures. She remembers that she drew on herself today. She wanted secret artwork. Two hearts, hidden beneath her shirt. She knew that today was going to be a good day.

She looks at her clock. 7:00.

He will be here soon. Her heart is pounding.

Deep breath… deep breath… just keep breathing.


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