oh boy

So. I’m officially scared out of my mind.

I’ve been looking at financial stuff for seminary. And the reality of me not having any money. And not working much. And school being expensive. And leaving everyone behind. And going on my own to the ONE city I NEVER wanted to live in. Oh my goodness.

I’m sure I just look terrified too. I’d hate to have someone actually look at my face. They’d probably ask me if I’m ok. If I’m going to throw up.

My heart is pounding and I’m really tense. Nervous, scared, excited. All in one. I think it’s time to end this seminary session for the day and think about it later. Like. Tomorrow. When I’m babysitting my sister’s kids.

I’m really excited about this, but the reality is TERRIFYING!!!!


3 thoughts on “oh boy

  1. Muppet Soul says:

    Oh dear…Well, you know what they say – the things that scare you are the only things worth doing.Wondering what city this is…

  2. LensFlare says:

    If there was certainty in all of life it wouldn’t be very exciting would it? In the end the risk will probably be all the worth while! I took the risk of a new job in a town I’ve never been to away from (almost) everyone I knew and it’s turning out great! In the end it will all be worth it.

  3. courtney903 says:

    you know what i think, but i’ll tell you again anyway.JUMP IN AND DO IT.if things start getting hard, you just MAKE THEM WORK. that simple.yeah. i’m saying this as much for myself as i am for you right now… 🙂

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