say what?

SO. I’ve been tagged to do a RIGHT HERE AND NOW photo. (insert photo here)

There I am with my new guitar. And no, I’m not left handed and I do not own a lefty guitar. My lappy just takes mirror image pictures so all looks backward and stuff. Doesn’t change the fact the the new guitar is super duper cool.


I thought I had a new set of strings because this poor thing needs it. Bad. No. They’re OLD strings. Who keeps old strings?! Not me for one. Honest. I found them in the case of my old guitar that was given to me as a gift from a friend who didn’t want her electric guitar anymore. Don’t worry. I checked and she was ok with it. So yeah. Major bummer, actually.


The new guitar doesn’t have a case. Who buys a guitar and DOESN’T have a case for it?! I don’t understand these things. so NOW, in ADDITION to paying for stuff I don’t have money for, I need to buy a case for my guitar. Let’s all say it together: lame. sauce.

So yeah. That’s my story. Now. Who would I like to see a RIGHT HERE AND NOW from?

So kids. Comment the link and we’ll all get some enjoyment from this! FUN!

By the way. THANK YOU ALL for the lovely comments on my enormous brain purge. I’m still a little weirded out by sharing that much, but hey. I mess up too. (that was more for my sake than yours) Alright! Go forth and take a fun picture!


5 thoughts on “say what?

  1. courtney903 says:

    i absolutely love this photo. hooray!

  2. nicopolitan says:

    WOAH. Didn’t expect to get tagged! Ok, here:, I used to own an RG Ibanez in that EXACT COLOR. What is your baby’s name?

  3. nicopolitan says:

    Wait. I just read your sidebar. Heh.

  4. Tabitha says:

    okay, i’m finally doing my right here right now pic! this is the first i’ve been in a place where i’m ALLOWED to take a picture of myself. usually i catch up on my reader at work…and we’re not allowed to take pictures at work. ever. anyway, it’ll go up tonight. 🙂 thanks for tagging me!

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