catch up!

so now that i’ve been mia for a week, i suppose i ought to catch everyone up to my ‘new’ life.

  1. i’ve moved. from a spacious 3 bedroom with 2 other people who have lives that do not revolve around a piece of technology to an efficiency with a very nice person whose life just happens to revolve around one piece of technology or another. a lesson in patience i think.
  2. i’ve moved back to the ‘content being single’ arena. i was not so content with it a while ago and now i am again. i’m sure this is will fluctuate, but we’ll enjoy this while it lasts.
  3. i have internet at my new place but the roommate couldn’t figure out how to get the wireless to work so now i’m attached to the modem which means lappy now has to stay inside when i want to enjoy the outdoors of my patio. which isn’t all bad, actually.
  4. the boy has a new girlfriend. who is the girl that one of my friends has been head over heels for. for a long time. this is sadly hilarious. i could only laugh when i found this out. the friend did not find it so funny. i kinda feel bad for him.
  5. i’ve recently lost about 15 pounds. with very little effort. which is cool. i went through a phase of just not being hungry therefore only eating once a day for about three weeks. now i’m looking to simply maintain the new weight with eating well and running. we’ll see how that works.
  6. i’ve started seeing a chiropractor up here. this is going to be an expensive summer. he’s going to try to actually put my back more where it’s supposed to be and not so much where it is. truth be told, i like my chiro back home more. i get a somewhat massage when i see him. the new guy just talks a lot and then cracks my bones. no massage. sad.
  7. my neighbor is a smoker. so when i have my patio door open, like i always do, i can smell her smoking. sad.
  8. i’ve purchased a devotional book, ‘my utmost for His highest’ by oswald chambers. so good. one of the good things about the roomie is that he’s a night person. i’m a morning person. so i get ‘me time’ in the morning. so i can be here or reading my devo or having breakfast and i don’t have to talk to him, think about him, look at him. it’s nice. that IS a bonus.
  9. i find it sad that a lot of times i’ll be living my life doing whatever and i think about it in facebook updates, or twitter updates or a blog post. i start to write the post in my head. unfortunately this happens in places where i can’t just start writing what’s in my head. places like work. they would frown upon that. and then when i finally get to write it down, it’s gone.
  10. i’ve also decided to stick with just two summer jobs. i was thinking about getting a third, but after praying about it, i’ve got that sense of ‘2 will be more than enough. just trust Me to get you through’ and i’m totally ok with that. actually. i know that everything is going to work out. i love feeling like that. i’m not stressed about it. i was a bit when the chiro was going over fees, but it’s going to be fine. it really is.

so i think that’s it for now. i’m hoping to write something worthwhile this weekend in order to have something worthwhile to post on monday. have a great weekend my bloggy friends!


One thought on “catch up!

  1. Ashley says:

    You’re a morning person?!? What is your secret? I hate the morning…haha.

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