i’m torn…

there is a song out there that i’ve grown to really really like. it took me a while to warm up to it, but now, love it. if you have 10 minutes, give it a listen, and then continue reading. This is the least cheesy video i could find with lyrics so that you can just watch it and not have to look for lyrics as well.

Side note: this sounds ALMOST as good as the album version. pretty impressive, i must admit.

So. anyway. being torn.

MUSICALLY this song is AMAZING! Very complex, very well put together. it’s something i can sing along to. something that challenges me musically.

THEOLOGICALLY… totally different story. it shows contempt for God and unbelievable arrogance toward Him. he’s demanding to be let into Heaven and thinks that 10,000 days of suffering is what will get him in. demanding his wings (not that humans who ascend to heaven get wings anyway). so… theologically, i hold issue with the song.

i sing along with it because i like it. i know that i disagree with it. the words i sing are his and not mine.

so i’m torn as to whether i should continue to listen to this music or if i need to cut out some very good music, very talented musicians out of my listening repertoire.

why are the arrogant atheists always the best musicians?


2 thoughts on “i’m torn…

  1. LensFlare says:

    Sometimes you have to separate what a person stands for from the product they produce. If I boycotted every musician, actor, writer, etc. that I disagreed with I would never be able to watch any movies, listen to any music, or read anything. If you know your beliefs and stand by them then that’s what really matters.

  2. Ashley says:

    I agree with LensFlare. And on top of that, I think it is healthy to watch movies/listen to music that challenges beliefs, and forces you to think. Through it, you will arrive at the truth…and God’s word has always withstood every doubt I’ve had. That is why it is the truth 🙂

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