if you had to choose…

between thing 1 and thing 2, which would you choose to spend the rest of your life with?

let me introduce you.

thing 1 is compatible with you only in your values and your beliefs. the values that are most important to you, the things you feel in the core of your being. you are the same page as thing 1 in that respect. you could talk for days and never disagree about anything that is important you.

thing 2 is compatible with you physically. when they walk into the room, you feel it in your blood. they want the same as you sexually. there is a static charge that shoots from you to them and back again.

thing 1 is not compatible with you physically. in any sense of the word. you are not physically attracted to thing 1.

thing 2 does not share your beliefs and values.

you can only choose one. who do you choose?


8 thoughts on “if you had to choose…

  1. LensFlare says:

    Hmmm….. you are making me think too hard. Problem with thing 2 (not sure I could ever be attracted to THING!!) is for how long will you be physically attracted? When they get wrinkled and gain weight, will you still be attracted, especially not sharing the same beliefs. With Thing 1 you may be completely compatible by personality, but if you aren’t physically attracted that’s a problem. Question is would you eventually become attracted to them over time just from personality or would the physical un-attraction be a hurdle you could never jump? Tough questions. And obviously I didn’t even answer!! That tough!

  2. Kimwithak says:

    Thing 1. Values and shared beliefs last a lifetime. Physical attraction doesn’t always. Plus, when things get hard, you can’t rely on pretty faces to get you through.

  3. courtney903 says:

    neither one!

    thing 3 exists, girlie. and he’s got it all.

    trust. me.

  4. ewalker9 says:

    I think I’d have to go for Thing 1 if it was forever.

  5. tabithablogs says:

    I’m with Courtney — I pick Thing 3. But for the sake of the scenario…

    I think if my only options were Thing 1 and Thing 2, I would have to choose neither. If I picked Thing 1, there would be MAJOR issues because of a lack of physical attraction. Plus, having someone who always agrees with me on EVERYTHING? Boring.

    But if I picked Thing 2, while it may be super exciting because he’s hot AND thinks I’m hot too, I would always feel uncomfortable talking about things that are really important to me…ya know?

    Dang, that’s a tough one. Thank God for my Thing 3. 😛

  6. ashley says:

    Neither. Because like Courtney said, thing 3 is your choice.

    I understand that it’s annoying. But, you gotta wait for what God has planned for you. I seriously doubt that he’s gonna disappoint. You WILL have someone that matches up with your ideologies, and turns you on. haha.

    I UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN! Be patient. I’ve turned down a thing 2 before, which was hard. But I knew our relationship would falter if we tried. We would be fighting over those conflicting beliefs!!!

  7. Erin says:

    I would pick Thing 2 because I dated a Thing 1 for over a year and the lack of physical attraction soured the relationship over time. I can tolerate or learn to accept someone else’s beliefs, but I cannot force myself to become attracted to someone. Plus, some people’s beliefs change over time, but, in my experience, I have never grown more attracted to someone who I wasn’t attracted to in the first place. I also agree with the Thing 3 option. There is someone else out there who has both qualities, but until you find that person I’d kill time with Thing 2. Sounds more fun. 🙂

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