i’d have to take thing 1…

so after letting yesterday’s post marinate, serenate and percolate for a while, i’ve decided on thing 1.

and for the sake of argument, and realizing that i didn’t really get my meaning across, let me clarify something.

whichever one you choose will love you deeply and fully. as you will love them. thing 1 simply doesn’t have the physical spark and thing 2 doesn’t have the mental spark.

that being said, i’d have to choose thing 1.

my faith, my beliefs, my values are too important to me to choose any other thing (or man, in my case). while i would probably be disappointed that i wouldn’t get to have earth-shattering sex or feel the blood rush to my face when his hand brushes my arm, i do feel that the eternal is going to be worth it. the eternal is more important than the temporary. i believe in heaven and hell, in God and Jesus. i don’t think that i could be with someone who didn’t as well. no, i KNOW i couldn’t be with someone who didn’t share that with me.

i could sacrifice the physical for that. i would love thing 2 far too much to know that this one life is all i would get to have with him because he would never share my beliefs. even if he never aged or became impotent, it would still not be enough for me. the core of my being would always clash with him and i would never be able to adopt his values, his beliefs. i wouldn’t want to.

does that clarification change your mind? does that make it easier to decide?


4 thoughts on “i’d have to take thing 1…

  1. ashley says:

    The only thing is, I hope you are not afraid of being single. It’s good to have a guy in your life, of course, but make it’s the right guy.

    Thing 1 may end up physically attractive to you (that happens), but think that you always have to choose a guy. Sometimes the choice is no guy. It is for me! And I’ve been single for most of my life!!

    • cari says:

      not afraid of being single. just a random thought that popped into my head. one of those ‘what if…’ things. i just like to think about these sometimes.

  2. doahleigh says:

    Hey thanks for stopping by! I’m enjoying your blog so far.

  3. Chère says:

    Hi, I came over from 20sb…what a question! I think it’s one of the most important though, and one of the hardest to answer. I’ve run into that lately myself…and I’m with you. It’s not even so much having 2 guys in front of me to choose from, one with that crazy spark and the other who matches my belief system. It’s that no matter how much I liked #2 it could never work unless he was a #1 at the same time. I’ve tried it in the past and really just decided that, like you said, if we don’t have eternal things in common I’m not going to go there.
    Love your blog so far!

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