a kindred spirit…

so i love blogging. i really do. because where else am i going to find someone who is so much like me? someone who knows what i’m talking about and catches the nuances and the unspoken things. someone who can read between the lines in a way that only someone who’s been there can. someone who can read my words as her own.

and then i go to her blog and it’s the same thing. i see my dorkiness, my craziness. i read her words and i feel as though she has pulled them from my own brain. i understand the flow of her blogs even though she sometimes thinks that she rambles incoherently. i read through things from her past and i see myself. i read her thoughts now and i see where i want to be.

i’ve truly found a kindred spirit in this crazy world of bloggers. and as i thought and thought, i don’t even remember how i found her blog. i really don’t. but i do remember wanting to come back. i remember hardly being able to wait for her next post.

i think the thing that finally sealed the deal was when i found out that she was a writer. like myself. and i had a little sum’sum’ i was working on and i needed an opinion, some advice on it. so i took at HUGE leap and i emailed it to her. hoping that it wouldn’t be weird that i was emailing her out of the blue.

and she was THRILLED!!!

and we’ve really been getting to know each other and i’m loving it. we think the same way, we say the same things. i don’t know if i’ve ever known someone so much like me. thankfully she’s half the country away so i never get to see her. though, should i get into seminary and move to pasadena, you better believe i’d make the trip to santa barbara to see my dear tabitha.

she’s such a sweetie and definitely the coolest person i’ve met blogging.

so here’s to finding a kindred spirit. *clink!*




3 thoughts on “a kindred spirit…

  1. Kimwithak says:

    This is one of the reasons blogging is so amazingly cool. Congrats on the new friend!

  2. tabithablogs says:

    Aww, you are too sweet, Cari!! And I’m not even kidding when I say this: I TOTALLY was thinking the exact same thing yesterday, how it’s so fun to find someone so easy to relate to and all. And yeah, I can’t remember how we found each other’s blogs, either! Although, maybe I found yours through Courtney’s? But I don’t know how I found HERS…haha. Aaaaanyway, you are great. And I selfishly hope you do get into seminary so we can totally hang out sometime! 🙂


  3. nicopolitan says:

    I guess this means you’re suggesting we head on over there and subscribe, right?

    If not, too bad, because I just did. 😛

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