so i really thought that i was going to get something in the mail today from fuller, the seminary i applied to. but no. nothing today. (doesn’t mean i won’t check the mail again before i leave for the weekend).

yeah. so i have to wait until SUNDAY to find out what they wanted to send me. it was sent on wednesday. and i honestly don’t know what time the mail gets here so i can’t even tell you for certain that it was today’s mail in there. the roommate usually gets the mail. which is why i sat at mcdonald’s for an hour waiting for his key. yeah.

so. up side: no rejection. down side: have to wait to see what they wanted.

but i’ll be off in small town ND this weekend visiting one of my greatest friends EVER, she’s so cool. and just overall having a really great time. i’m super excited. just wish that i’d had some good news to go on top of that. i’ll live. i promise.


One thought on “disappointed…

  1. LensFlare says:

    I’m sure it will come soon enough and I’m sure it will be good news! The wait is indeed the hardest part!

    Hope you have fun out near my neck of the woods, it’s a truly great place!

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