now what…


Dear Cari,

Your application for admission to Fuller Theological Seminary has been reviewed by our Admissions Committee. Regretfully, after a thorough review of your total application, we are unable to offer you admission into the MA in Recovery Ministry program.

Without a doubt, you have made your future training and service for Christ part of your prayers for God’s direction in your life. I wish that we could accept every student who feels an interest in Fuller and I hope that this action will not discourage you in other pursuits. Rather, it is our hope and belief that as you seek God’s guidance, other opportunities for service will become available.



Administrative Director of Admissions

it’s official. i didn’t get in. i’m not going to california. so now what? i’m not entirely sure, to be honest. i hadn’t planned on a no for an answer.

courtney offered a room in her house to me.

otherwise i could stay here and get a real job.

or i could go back to the alma mater and get another degree. probably in psychology, since that’s what i want to do.

i guess i just need some time to let this sink in and check out my options and just go with the flow. i guess there’s no reason to get really upset about it. if it was supposed to work, it would have but now i need to figure something else out. so, kids, that’s the news.

how’s YOUR life?


3 thoughts on “now what…

  1. LensFlare says:

    Cari I am so sorry to hear this happened since you were looking forward to it so much, but I wouldn’t let this setback stop you from what you really want to do in life, surely there is a way to do it. God has a plan for us all and I’m sure this all fits into it somehow. I wish you nothing but the very best on whatever path you choose to take next, in the end the plan will all come together!

  2. courtney903 says:

    courtney DID offer you a room in her house.


  3. ashley says:

    This is how God gives us answers…direct and to the point. As you said, this was not the direction, so you find a new direction.

    My prayers are with you girl as you embark on a little journey to finding your calling!! (this could be incredibly exciting).

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