have you ever…

… felt comforted just by seeing a note with your dad’s handwriting?

… gone out when you knew that you should stay in?

… been blue?

… let someone kiss you because you thought you owed it to them?

… wished you could sleep for a week?

… wanted to take a road trip and see everyone you know that are scattered all over the country?

… played hooky just for hooky’s sake?

… called someone just to hear their voice again?

… just started walking and seen where it takes you?

… let someone truly love you?

… run away when you know you should have stayed?

… lied about something stupid?

… been glad that you couldn’t take back something you said?

… gargled coffee in a Starbuck’s?

… laid in bed all day just because you could?

… had an epiphany so big that it gave you a headache?

… cheated?

… fallen out of love with someone who was still in love with you?

… wished that you could be 5 again, just for a day?

… cut all your hair off on a whim?

… not shaved for a month just because?

… sent a postcard to someone you miss?

… developed respect for someone you hated?

… judged someone by how they look? or talk? or smell?

… slow danced to the sound of the river?

… watched a sunset? or a sunrise?

… let yourself be lazy even though there are a million things hanging over your head?

… said something you regretted?

… played four-square nicely?

… taken in a plant because you knew you wouldn’t feel as bad if it died?

… gone to church and fallen more in love with God than you ever thought possible?

… watched someone play with a little kid and been jealous that it’s not you?

… walked around in your swimsuit because it’s less offensive than walking around in your undies?

… wanted to get into a fistfight?

do you have any ‘have you ever’s?


3 thoughts on “have you ever…

  1. Callie says:

    Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I appreciate the movie suggestions – I’m a movie buff too, but I was trying to find something good that I haven’t seen, or at least haven’t seen in a while. I’ll have to look into some of those!

  2. Kristen says:

    thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog! You are definitely not alone in giving it up! Something I struggle with but something that I know is totally worth it!

  3. nicopolitan says:

    my answer: sometimes.

    (which, incidentally, is the name of my favorite song)

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