going back to school…

so. it’s official. i’m going back.

heading back to the alma mater for a second bachelor’s degree. going for psychology this time. i think.

i’m going to take an intro to social work class. because maybe that’s where i want to go. i don’t know, though. just check it out, you know?

i’m also possibly/probably living in the dorms again. i’ve submitted my app and money to get a room assignment and thus move again. i love moving. NOT. so yeah. that’s that.

i’ll post a real post again soon. when life slows down a hair and half. haha. no, i’ll post sooner than that.

oh, by the way, the REASON for the secrecy. didn’t want any advice. so, what happens when i finally start telling people? yeah, inundated with advice. glad that i kept my mouth shut until i figured things out. yeah.

more from me later.

by the way, all you ghost readers should really think about leaving me a comment because that would be fun. 🙂


8 thoughts on “going back to school…

  1. LensFlare says:

    I’m really glad to hear you came up with a good plan B! It’s deja vu all over again (almost)! If you want to know all the secrets for hiding booze from the RAs I can provide the inside info on that little secret, hahaha!!

  2. courtney903 says:

    want some more unsolicited advice?

    put yourself on the list for a single room. seriously. you’re too grown-up to get stuck with some random sophomore.

    but other than that, can i just say once again how proud i am of you? I LOVE YOU. i’m glad you figured things out 🙂

    • cari says:

      i’ve definitely put myself on the list for a single room in both dorms, but i also realize that i’m applying ONE MONTH before classes start. need to be realistic too. yeah.

  3. tabithablogs says:

    so proud of you — both for taking time to make the decision on your own, without unsolicited (or even requested) advice, and for the decision itself, because it sounds like it will help you continue on the path toward what you’re most passionate about. yay!

  4. nicopolitan says:

    NICE. Good to hear you’ve figured things out, and very confident in your route since you came to the decision on your own.

    btw, I believe the technical term for the ghost readers is “lurkers”. 😉

  5. Kimwithak says:

    I’m glad you have some things figured out. That’s a big start!

  6. Tellie says:

    Congrats!! Sounds like a great plan, I’ve been considering getting 2 degrees myself. I think you have just compelled me to do so.

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