le sigh…

so i went on a date last night with this guy, james. and no, i have no picture of him. yet. believe me, if this goes somewhere, there will be pictures. 🙂

my friend jordan has been trying to set us up for, like, ever now. months. i said, ‘yeah….. i’ll meet the guy, but not guaranteeing anything.’

on wednesday, i went to a hockey party with jordan where i met said james. and we totally hit it off. it was pretty sweet. we were chatting about this and that and it was a good time. i found out that he was 5’6″. not sure how i felt about that initially. because usually i don’t go for the short guys. i just kinda feel like a giant around them. not that i’m so much taller, i’m 5’8″. and really, the height difference isn’t that much, and it won’t seem like that much once i get over it. right now, it does seem like a lot, like when we were walking and stuff especially since i try to not have horrible posture. i am proud of my height. i really am.

first impression of him: oh my. this one is intimidatingly gorgeous. i would never dream of talking to him because seriously, people as good looking as him don’t usually talk to people like me, who apparently look like natalie portman (this girl that i go to church with told me that i remind her of natalie portman).

so. anyway. wednesday.

we were chatting and somehow got on the subject of hating having to decipher if someone is interested or not. and how it really messes with my brain and how i interact with someone that i’m not sure about. and immediately, he says ‘i’m interested’ (right, dude, you just met me. you have NO idea who i am or what you’d be getting into. believe it or not, i may front being all awesome and full of myself, but i have tons of insecurities just like everyone else). finally jordan and rachel decided that it was time to leave, ok fine. i was having fun but whatever. they were my ride. james ended up (surprise surprise) leaving at the same time. and when we got downstairs, he asked for my number.

say what?!

no. he wasn’t kidding when he said he was interested. i kinda thought he was to be honest. you know, just kidding around, being nice kinda thing. no. he definitely wanted my phone number. so that we could do lunch.

do lunch?! isn’t that something, like, adults do? sweet. this is cool.

he called me on thursday night. at like, 11:30. while i was hanging out with another friend. and i’m not really sure if this friend has feelings beyond friends, because it kinda seems like it. but i just don’t know. again, dude, just come out and say it because i’m dumb and i don’t take hints well.

he wanted to know if i wanted to do lunch on friday. well, i was hanging out with my mom on friday and then i had to work. HOWEVER, a boy from a while ago, wil, just started texting me out of the blue again and told me that he had a show friday night at the hodo. i thought he meant AT the hodo (hotel donaldson, for those who don’t know. they have a jazz lounge). which, you know, you dress up for. so i invited james to come along with me to this show. i’m not sure if wil is/was trying to start something back up or what. i don’t know. i did text him like 3 weeks ago telling him that we should hang out sometime. as friends kinda thing.

anyway, what he MEANT by hodo was at the street dance just outside the hodo. so, after i got done with work at 7, i met up with james at atomic coffee. i was really hoping for a good half hour to shake out the nerves of going on a date. i was NERVOUS. REALLY nervous. but no, i got there shortly after 7 and there he was, right in the middle, looking beautiful. nonchalantly i went and sat across from him. i wasn’t sure if we were getting coffee or what, but i had my water bottle with me that i had just filled up at the banner. which was good, because as we were chatting a bit he started coughing. like hardcore. i just slid the water bottle across the table. come on dude, take a drink. you don’t need to die before this starts. haha.

we did end up getting some coffee. he got a chai and i got some nasty tea milk thing. the girl told me that it was really good. i believed her. it was caffeine free. and it. was. nasty. but i finished it because i don’t like to waste other people’s money like that. because, yes, he paid. though i did get as far as pulling out my wallet. even if it was just for show. 🙂 yeah, i’m terrible. haha. and then we decided to check out the music going on down the street. well, it just happened to be post traumatic funk syndrome, a band made up of college professor musicians and stuff. yeah, they’re pretty awesome to be honest. we stayed there for a while but it was SO humid that we walked around. i did end up seeing wil and chatting and i didn’t know how to introduce people to james, so i just introduced him as james. made no mention of being on a date, because i was still not really sure at that point and gloating about being on a date isn’t very nice.

it ended up getting rained out right as ptfs finished and we stood under the skyway behind a pillar trying to stay dry. didn’t work for me, i still got soaked. james suggested that we make a mad dash to his car which was about a block away. and that sounded kinda fun (and like it would win me some points) so we did it. and we got drenched. soaking wet.

and then we went to perkins. part of his plot to make me eat with him. he told me that he ate early so that he could force me to go out to eat with him. like i said, very honest. and i’m so down with that. so we ate there, we were talking about nine inch nails and he said that he had a dvd of their concert. which we needed to watch sometime.

now, on a first date, i don’t really know what’s too much, when do you call the night over? i don’t know. so we did end up going over to his place, kinda watch the nin dvd, but he kept skipping over songs and i was in fact interested in it, but whatever. i guess i’ll just have to borrow it sometime.

he said that i should pick a movie. so i did. i picked princess bride. and wouldn’t you know that he JUST watched that movie. of the 200 movie choices i pick the one that he’s JUST seen. of course. so then i went with lion king. good choice i think. i know every. single. line. in that movie. all of them. and the last time i watched that movie, i fell asleep during it. i didn’t do that this time.

after the movie, i said that i should go home. he asked if i wanted to stay. duh. of course i wanted to stay. this guy is pretty cool. we get along. we talked pretty much nonstop all night. of course i wanted to stay. but i pressed and said i should probably go home. he still had to take me back to my car.

so i got up to leave and he started talking really cryptically to me. it was like, suddenly i had NO idea what he was talking about. like my brain just stopped working. finally he just came out and said it. he wanted to kiss me. but he didn’t know if that was too presumptuous or too fast considering the purity ring. i honestly didn’t know what to say to him. suddenly i was so shy, so insecure that i couldn’t speak. the brash full of herself cari was gone. nowhere to be found. and the person left was a lip biting shy girl.

so he took a step toward me and gave me a kiss. it was really sweet. and he felt so awkward. and i felt so dumb. bah! whatever, though. it was cool. we recovered from that and went right back to joking with each other. it was cool. and then he took me back to my car, pretty much demanded another kiss. so i gave him a kiss on the cheek. come on, now. can’t give in to every demand. it ended up being more of a kiss on his chin, haha, yeah, i thought it was funny too. and he was not satisfied with that. and so i opened the door. grabbed my purse. and bid him a good night.

i’m not THAT submissive, come on now.

he called me today and wants to see me again and take me out on another date. 🙂 yay.

it’s up to me when though. i’m pretty busy for the next week, but i think maybe i can squeeze him in somewhere. ha.


2 thoughts on “le sigh…

  1. courtney903 says:

    we are so living the same life right now.

    except mine hasn’t kissed me yet.

    he did, however, find me on twitter, so i have to stop with the “mystery date” updates. hahahaha.


    i’m excited for you, lady. you deserve it 🙂

  2. tabithablogs says:

    yay for first dates! can’t wait to hear more about this guy…

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