back into the swing of things…

so after about 10 months of absolute craziness and total lack of control of my life, things are starting to settle down. i don’t feel like i’m in some crazy vortex of awful. life is settling down. life is making sense. life, actually, is starting to be rather wonderful again.

i am loving all of my classes. i’m keeping up on homework and i’m catching up on reading this weekend. and it’s not SUPER painful reading either. this is stuff that is actually very interesting to me. and so the 9-13 chapters that will (hopefully) be read by the end of this weekend shouldn’t be terrible. in fact, i’ve already finished two of them. and it wasn’t terrible.

my developmental psychology class is definitely starting to get interesting. of course, all the fundamental stuff was boring, like learning terms and the scientific method and stuff, but i’ve been going over that in ALL of my classes so far, so hopefully all the basic stuff will be DOWN by next thursday, when i have three exams on the same day. painful. i know. but we’ve started on prenatal development and i think this is where things are going to get superbly fascinating.

my social psychology class and sociology class are very interesting because they compliment each other nicely. social psych is super interesting because i’m learning about how people interact with each other, their environment, how they perceive the world, and about different types of thinking (automatic vs. controlled, etc). it’s just super cool. and then my sociology class is really opening my eyes to how i view the world and how ethnocentric i really am. how ingrained it really is. i always thought i was pretty open to other veins of thinking but i definitely compare it to my own and thus pass judgment of right or wrong. or at least, less right and less wrong. if that makes sense.

my stats and methods class is also (surprisingly) interesting. my prof is pretty cool though she has a pretty thick greek (?) accent. sometimes it’s hard to understand her when she gets really excited about what she’s talking about, or really into it, but i’m very quickly getting used it and i think it’s cool. i thought the class would be pretty painfully boring because it’s all about how to conduct research and stuff, but it’s not that bad. i don’t really plan on being a researcher, but as things get rolling in my (hopefully) future practice, i’m sure that things will be very interesting to me and i’ll want to conduct some sort of research. just knowing myself and thus, this class will be very helpful.

and then, of course, there’s band. i LOVE that class. LOVE. and even though there’s been some crazy drama stuff going on, i had a chat with a prof and i know what i need to do now and i’m very at peace with it. while i really let it bother me for the past two weeks, no more. i’m going to do what i HAVE to do. i’ve already done pretty much everything i can regarding this situation because there are some crazy politics going on and nobody wants to deal with it. which means that there’s a certain person who will probably get away with whatever they want. fine. i’m cool with that. it just means that i need to up MY game and improve MY playing. i need to decide if i’m serious now or if i just want to play. i realize that this is going to be difficult, but i’m sure totally worth it. it will be fun to see myself improve. maybe this is just the kick in the bum i needed to get going and really improve.

my jobs are pretty good. i have three. one is still the banner. and now that i blindly submit to my boss and do everything she asks exactly as she asks without really thinking, things are going well. both of us are pretty strong-willed people and so for me to step down off my little pedestal was hard, but it’s made my work environment SO much better. i don’t dread going there. i don’t mind being there. then there’s always good ol’ sodexo. campus dining. oh yeah. it’s not awful, but part of me is thinking that this will be my last semester there. especially if things at the banner continue to improve, which i think they will. and then there’s the band librarian job which i also LOVE. i would so do that for free, getting paid is just a bonus. i enjoy being “in charge” of the band and the music and instruments and working with the good dr. i could not even put into words how much respect i have for this man and his wife. they really care about all of their students and do so much in their power to help out. if i had the choice, i’d never play under anyone else again. but i know that’s so unrealistic.

i also have recently acquired (that was the first word that came to my head and i thought about changing it, but the use of this word amuses me so it’s going to stay) a wonderful boyfriend. in all honesty, he’s pretty much everything i never thought actually existed in a man (outside of my nearly perfect father. can you say daddy’s girl?). he encompasses pretty much everything i’ve ever wanted in someone but i didn’t actually think that someone like that existed. i mean, he likes country, which is something i’ll just have accept. and he is two inches shorter than me. but i’m actually really ok with that now. it was tough at first, really, but i hardly even notice now. and when he jokes about getting tall shoes, all i can think is how weird it would be if he was taller than me. other than that, he’s funny and nerdy and dorky and adult and responsible and mature (mostly) and he’s a thinker and a dreamer and a planner and he wants to be a musician and he LOVES music and concerts and recitals (can you heart my heart singing for happiness here?) and he gets along with my friends and i don’t have to ever babysit a conversation and if it takes too long for me to introduce him he just jumps right in and does it himself. i could go on and on, but i’ll stop with that. in short, he’s super wonderful and ladies? if you try to steal him, i will hunt you down and I will fong you, until your insides are out, your outsides are in, your entrails will become your extrails. I will… rip… all the p… ugh. Pain, lots of pain. so don’t even try. 😀

i think really the only thing that’s missing is time with my closest friends. of course, they’re scattered all over the country now, which makes things hard, but even so, we’re still managing to keep somewhat in touch. and it’s awesome because i think all of us have gone through some major life changes in the past year and so we’ve all just kinda been flailing and sailing along in all of this. i do love these girls dearly. i just wish that i had time to gush about every single one of them (i’m avoiding more reading as i’m writing this. or should i say giving my brain a bit of a break from reading). what i can say is that they’re all bright, intelligent, strong, beautiful, battle-scarred women who i would give the whole world to if it was mine to give. i would NOT be the person i am today without their love and help and support and varied levels of crazy. where would i be without you ladies?

and finally, there are all of my extra-curricular activites, like being in the lake agassiz concert band (mondays) and (pretty much) librarian of that, i have a (tuesday) bible study through church which is AWESOME and pretty sure if it wasn’t for that group, i never would have met the above mentioned wonderful boyfriend (it’s a long story, i’m sure i’ll share it someday), and starting this week is dancing lessons. yes, cari is going to learn how to dance. it’ll be awesome. i’ll try to see what i can do about getting pics because that would be sweet. then there’s college group (wednesdays) and i’m part of a follow-up team there and we meet beforehand every week basically to share what’s going on in our lives and then pray over the group. it’s pretty awesome. at this point, thursday and friday nights are “open” but usually encompass hanging out with the boyfriend and some of his friends. sundays are for church and sometimes my girls in the area. and saturday is working. lots of working, usually.

so as you can see, my life is busy, but i’m blissfully happy right now. i’m right where life makes sense and i’m comfortable and not really losing my mind.

so what is everyone else up to these days?


8 thoughts on “back into the swing of things…

  1. kristen says:

    so glad you love your classes & the boyfriend!! How great is that?

  2. bleighv05 says:

    I’m glad to hear the joy in your writing………..or should that be “read” the joy in your writing. Yes, it is wonderful when life is going well and my advice to you – is grab it all and enjoy it all. Don’t miss out on a single moment.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I sure love you.

  4. dad says:

    I’m not nearly perfect, by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. Remember, I’m brain damaged. I ran in the rain, somewhat, that your mother had the sense to not run in. 🙂

    Love you bunches!

  5. Tabitha says:

    I L-O-V-E’d this post. I don’t even know why exactly…it just made me happy. Yay!

  6. Kimwithak says:

    Your life is busy, but it sounds like an amazing kind of busy!

  7. katyhelena says:

    So very happy for you! New boyfriends who are pretty much amazing are definitely blessings. 🙂

  8. nicopolitan says:

    Nice! Balance in life is a gift a lot of people fail to recognize so it’s awesome that you’re living in the moment. A note about stats: This will help you more in the career world than you might realize. Seriously. I was a literature major and now I’m finding stats are way more applicable in my life than an understanding of post-modernism.

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