the things i learned in 2009…

as inspired by kim over at the PCL i’ve decided to do my own top 10 of sorts. i’m not sure how many lessons i’ve learned this year, but we’ll start with 1 and see where this goes.

i’d also like to alternately title this ‘how in the world did i survive 2009?’

1) real friends will brave even the biggest storms with you. the beginning of 2009… the complete crushing of every dream i had at that point in my life. the most epic dumping i’ll ever experience. and it sucked. a lot. i wasn’t entirely convinced i was going to survive the whole ordeal. but my friends were there. every second, they were there. waiting for me to call, waiting to help me. even when all i could do was be angry and cry, they were there. i love friends.

2) God has impeccable timing. as if this is a surprise. everything i went through these past 12 months has been timed so perfectly that the only explanation is that this year was meant to be a year of journey and trial, a journey of learning to trust God, a journey to get from 2008 to 2010. i’ve grown a lot in this, i’ve grown closer to God, to my friends, to my family. i’ve found the earthly love of my life.

3) it’s never too late to prioritize. as i started this past semester of school, i forgot how busy life can get. i forgot a lot of things. how much i hate dorms. how much time everything takes. how much reading is required in any other major but music. how easily the really important things can be pushed to the back burner. however, with the right motivation and the right people behind you, it’s easy to shift. it’s easy to get life back in order. to drop things that are good, but not for you. to leave jobs that stress you out. to let poor friendships fail. because once all that garbage is gone, everything else flourishes. the good stuff flourishes and grows even stronger.

4) when everything else has failed, try the thing you should have done first: pray. that’s a lesson i seem to learn over and over and over. or one i attempt to learn. i’m a very rash person. i make rash decisions. i don’t look at all my options. i don’t think things completely through. and as a result, i sometimes make a mess out of things. a huge mess. and then i wonder how i got there in the first place. and it’s sad to me that it takes that long for me to realize that i was trying to run my own life. trying to make my own decisions. trying to do whatever it is i was trying to do. but then i come back to my senses and remember. and i pray. and i re-center myself. it’s pretty awesome.

5) take time to learn something new. and do it for YOU, not someone else. i’m starting to learn how to play hockey. and i’m really loving it. i’m doing it for ME too. i’m doing it WITH the fiance, but i’m doing it because i want to. and that is the best feeling ever. in the midst of all the insanity that is school and work, there’s that little something that’s just for me. just because i want to. and soon running will be on that list again. because i need that little something that’s just for me.

i guess i’ve only learned 5 things, but they’ve been big. they’ve been hard lessons. a LOT has happened this year. a lot bad. some good. some in the middle. but i’m stronger for it and i’m a better person for it. what’s not to love?


5 thoughts on “the things i learned in 2009…

  1. nicopolitan says:

    Hear, hear. But now that 2009 — nay, the DECADE — is over, maybe the next set of life lessons will come to you a lot easier, without all the heartache. Especially since the big lessons are out of the way for a while.

  2. katyhelena says:

    Awesome…hard lessons, but great ones.

  3. Kimwithak says:

    God does have impeccable timing…I just wish I knew it in advance. 🙂

  4. LiLu says:

    Trying to work on #5 right now… 😉

  5. Tabitha says:

    I feel like I say this on a LOT of posts, but I mean it: I loved reading this. I feel so blessed to have “met” you this year, and although I wasn’t around for the very beginning parts of it, I have really enjoyed being there with you (in a sense) through some of the rough stuff, and now the really awesome exciting stuff (hello marriage)! And this one part really stuck out to me, because it’s something I can never seem to get a hold of, but I need to: “to let poor friendships fail.” I have to work on that this year.


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