things that happen in class…

so, i’m sure you’re all DYING to know how i did on my american dream paper.

well i ROCKED it!!

i got to read my paper to the entire class, or at least the 60 that were in class today. the other girl that turned in her paper got to do the same thing, so it’s not like it was just me. so we got to sit in front of the class, read our paper (yes, every word of my 8 page paper), and then answer questions from students.

and apart from the surprise of it all, it wasn’t bad. i’m a really good reader, so that’s not a problem for me. i would have liked the chance to read it over before i read to everyone just to get familiar with wording and whatnot, but that’s ok.

and then he told us that the really good papers that were turned in would be read aloud to the class. so, of course, that means that cari wrote a good paper. and i agree with him. it WAS well written. this other girl (i think her name is kate so we’ll call her that), so, kate wrote in a completely different style than i did. she wrote an informal reflexive paper where i wrote a much more formal analytical paper. neither paper was better than the other one, but just different. he wanted us to read them so that other people could get an idea of how to write their papers. and he wants a copy of it himself which i already emailed to him. i think that’s super cool too.

so anyway, we got to read them and then we got to discuss them with the class and answer their questions. and that was cool. i had a couple questions posed directly to me and i was so proud of myself because i really stopped to think before i answered them. i wanted to make sure that i had coherent answers that made sense to people. there is a girl in my class who says ‘like’ ALL the time. and i can never figure out what she’s actually saying. all the extraneous talking noise gets in the way of what she’s actually saying. or trying to say.

other than the surprise aspect, it wasn’t bad at all. i would have liked some time to read over my paper once or twice before reading it to the class, just to get a feel for it and for the wording. i stumbled over some phrases and i’m not sure if it’s because i was really nervous or because it was worded poorly. i don’t know.

i did enjoy being in front of the class though. i’ve always wanted to teach. i think i’m a good teacher and i enjoy it. i started college as an education major but all the garbage that went along with getting a secondary or primary teaching license wasn’t worth it to me. i’d rather have the freedom that the college environment affords. and i’m not obligated to care about those who don’t care about my class where i probably would have been in a lower educational setting. i would care a lot about my students who care about my classes and i would not care about those who don’t. and that’s fine. i’m of the school that is college is about choices, being mature, showing up to class, getting stuff done, and it’s ok to fail someone if they fail to meet the objectives of the class.

someday, i think i would really like to teach. that is a nice goal to have. i have goals, i have aspirations and i think that i can attain them if i work hard enough. if i’m committed to it. which i am. my education and my hard work will pay off in the end for me. and of course, there are always those few whose ability to take chances, dive in and make huge changes in their lives to follow their dream that inspire me. i know that if they can do it, so can i. especially now that i’ve found what i love and what i do well. i definitely see myself happy in this line of work, in psychology and teaching. i could never quite picture myself in music. i enjoy music, but it’s not in my blood, it’s not my passion. i’ve found my passion.

all because of what happened in class.


3 thoughts on “things that happen in class…

  1. James says:

    That is awesome. I am proud of you for being able to handle the pressure of something like that in stride. Also, I can totally see you teaching some day. You would be wonderful at it 🙂


  2. LensFlare says:

    So we’re waiting with baited breath to hear a summary of what you decided the American dream actually is. Then I can tell you that you are wrong 🙂

  3. Kimwithak says:

    I’m glad that it went so well! And isn’t it wonderful to find a new thing to be passionate about?!?

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