the get less fat plan…

which is really tongue in cheek actually, because neither of us are actually “fat”. it could be more fairly called the ‘get in shape plan’. but really, that’s not as fun as saying get less fat. there’s just something terribly amusing about that.

so, anyway, our get less fat plan. we’re both really active, or like to be, and it’s not the greatest time to be playing hockey (now that everything is melting) but we still want to start getting in shape, being healthier, and not having to actually PAY to do those things. fortunately, him working at a college will mean that i will have access to the fitness center there. which is located in a dumb spot, right over the indoor track. i’m hoping there’s a separate free weight area (unless of course we get those weights that we registered for at target… then weight training can happen at home. sa-weet). which i would personally prefer anyway. we’ll have a whole separate room that can happen too. provided we don’t jam it full of stuff (which it looks like that is going to happen anyway. i’m sure something can be worked out). seeing all these other blogs talking about people giving up unhealthy stuff (kim), and running (tab and demo) and people just doing what they love (courtney), i’ve been inspired.

wow. that was rambly… sorry… anyway…

i finally left my job that was stressing me out and now i have tons of free time. i’m at school earlier AND later so i have the time (need to add motivation) to get my homework done. i think part of the issue right now is that the new schedule is just that: new. it’s hard to jump right into a new routine. i want to savor some of this free time to do NOTHING. to blog. to catch up. to KEEP up. to not do anything.

and it’s fine. why? because it’s spring break next week. and i get a week off to rest, relax, catch up on some reading (heck, maybe even some extra-curricular reading), get ahead on other reading. just get done what needs to get done and enjoy my time off since i don’t HAVE to work either. though i DO have a project at my job that i still have that i could use some of that spring break time to do. it wouldn’t be too hard to say the least.

the other thing is that, while yes i have running gear, i want more. i don’t actually have THAT much running gear. a few pairs of shorts. 2, more precisely. it would be nice to get some NEW running gear. for the NEW runner in me. the UNINJURED runner. new bras. new socks. new tanks. new long sleeve shirts. new RUNNING SKIRTS!! oh yeah. i want some of THOSE! seriously. they’re awesome.

but really, most of all, i just want to start running again. i want to have fun. i want something active to do with my new husband (rumor is i could learn how to play hockey in the summer too. sa-weet again!). i want to stop SAYING that i want to do and actually start DOING it. i’ve finally run out of excuses as to why i can’t do it RIGHT now. because i CAN do it right now. and i have someone with whom to do it. i do have another running buddy and hopefully this summer we can work something out to where we can run together a couple days a week. because that would be supa sweet too. i also am at the point where i REALLY need to apply for the summer job i want. again, i keep SAYING that i’m going to do it, but i need to actually do it. i HOPE that i get the job, i hear there are going to be some changes and much fewer staff, but since i’m returning, that will HOPEFULLY help. and it’s not like i have to work ALL the time. just a little bit. plus the dates with the vampire should help out. and simply making an effort to make the budget work no matter WHAT happens. no matter WHERE the money is. it’s about being dedicated to a plan. i’ll be taking classes, so i’m not really sure where working would fit into that, but again, it’s something to look into. and i don’t want to be SUPER busy over the summer if i don’t have to be. i’d like to enjoy my first summer being married and all the fun stuff that goes along with that – and not JUST the sex, come on. but enjoying each other, enjoying our new place, enjoying being all domestic together. and who knows? maybe with all the stuff that’s going on this summer, it might not be PRACTICAL for me to work. i’m taking two classes this summer, we have 5 weddings (not including our own) from april to september. and those are just the ones we KNOW about. we have a honeymoon in june. there’s the weekend at the lake. is it even practical to think that i could work this summer? and make it worthwhile? i don’t know. i guess i hadn’t really stopped to think about that. it would certainly be the epitome of part time. a term, a concept that i am so unfamiliar with. to know that me working isn’t NECESSARY is pretty awesome. hopefully the vampire visits will make enough money. and the loans that i need to get to pay for classes will help so that we’re not paying out of pocket. we can just get a little more. i mean, really, what’s a couple G’s more? so that i don’t have to worry as much? so i don’t have to be stressed out?

i do believe that God is going to provide for all of our needs. we will get what we NEED and we can certainly go without for a while. we’re both completely reasonable people and i think that even though the first couple years of marriage are the hardest, i think that we’ll be able to make it through them just fine.


3 thoughts on “the get less fat plan…

  1. James says:

    Operation get less fat is kicking my legs in the face (if that is even possible!?). I like it tho, its a good feeling to know that we are starting to DO rather than SAY. I like it a lot. We ARE car pooling, we ARE exercising, we ARE taking care of lots of stuff we have been talking about. So that is awesome.

    The summer job might or might not be needed depending a lot on the new tax stuff from us being married, and the whole insurance thing we are working on. It would be pretty awesome if we didn’t need you to work as well but really we wont know till some things are sorted out. Lots of stuff is up in the air, but the important thing is that we are both focused on the important things. We have SO much going for us that it is incredible.

    Anyways, back to work! I love you!


  2. Daniel says:

    Looks like we both have the same goal with trying to get in better shape. I’ve really been trying to open up my weekends more so I can start going back to parkour. and go to the gym more often.
    Speaking of, Concordia does have a free gym. It’s a lot of free weights in pretty good condition, a balance board, and a few cords (1 or 2 of which I forgot there over the years). However, I think they were renovating a new room for it or something when I was leaving, so I don’t know where it is now. It used to be in the basement near the track.
    And I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to use that area above the track. It’s so awkward. I used it maybe twice cause I really wanted to do some biking.

    Have fun learning hockey. Although I skate alright, I never actually really learned how to play.

  3. DeMo says:

    Thanks for the link love! I really need to get back into running. When it was wicked cold here, I said I’d start running when the weather gets nicer. Well, the weather is finally nicer now, and do I feel like running? NO! Oy, quite the problem. But it’s just a discipline I suppose, and takes some effort, but it’s worth it. There’s a yoga class starting up close to where I live twice a week. I think that will be a nice change for my off-running days.

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