running and driving and other such moving things…

I GOT A RUNNING SKIRT!!! it’s brown and awesome and i cannot WAIT to run in it. seriously. it’s going to be awesome. i wanted to get two but we really couldn’t afford two of them. oh well. in time it will come.
we’re heading to the cities this weekend for the Weekend to Remember. it’s a marriage conference that my mom and dad went to a few weeks ago and basically told us that we had to go. which we were down with to be honest. there was just that problem of money. we don’t really have any. so mom and dad footed the whole bill. which was AWESOME. means we can afford to go. the thing is, as with most of life, that for a while now, it’s been one of those ‘out there in the future’ things. and now… it’s here. already! it came so fast. which means that it’s going to feel like we’re getting married in approximately next week… yeesh. so, so fast. i hardly know how to handle that.
speaking of getting married, we don’t have much left to do, but i DO know that we need to get it done. we still have to meet with the pastor and discuss the ceremony and probably other things too. we still have to meet with the dome decorating committee and get all THAT stuff lined up. we still need RSVPs so that we know how much food to get. we’re still discussing, but it’s entirely possible that we’ll err on the light side and not have enough food for people. which really wouldn’t be our fault, right? if people don’t RSVP, can they REALISTICALLY expect to get fed? don’t people know that’s the REASON for the RSVP? hopefully we get them. that’s all i’m sayin’. so far, we have exactly 4 people coming to the wedding. haha. we still have a few more invites to send out, but that’s going to be a project for AFTER this weekend. it’s officially spring break for me in 2 hours so i’ll have plenty of time to work on getting the rest of the invites mailed out. i’m not worried at all.
we’re HOPEFULLY going to hear about our apartment soon. we found IT. HOME. yeah. i’m so excited. it’s a cute little place, actually with TONS of closet/storage space. talk about WIN. it’s technically a two bedroom, but really, it’s a 1 bed with den. a HUGE master bedroom with a little den on the other side of the living room. AND a walk through kitchen to the dining room. AND a balcony. AND a washer and dryer. and TWO closets in the bathroom. i know, right? AND a garage. it’s a one car, but whatever. we’ll deal. like i said, we’re reasonable people. and the garages are DEEP. double win. AND james will get moved in for free by professional movers paid for by the apartment peeps. TRIPLE win. a week early. and NO prorated rent. so… 5 days living there free. QUADRUPLE win. i mean… really. could it get ANY better? i doubt it to be honest. and it’s in a really good part of town, close to the interstate, plenty of sidewalks on which to run, a running path like… RIGHT there. QUINTUPLE win. oh man… i didn’t realize it was SO awesome until i started spelling all this out. crazy. God is good, right?
so, folks, i won’t be back until monday. which is fine. weekends are usually slow bloggy time anyway, so i’m not terribly concerned. it’s just going to be a fun time.
oh yeah, one last thing to throw out there – so… in june-ish, i’ll be heading on my honeymoon and i’m wondering if any of you lovely folks would like to guest blog. or if anyone has any other ideas… like getting a james perspective or questions you’ve been DYING to ask him. or other people who know me that i could rope into doing something. you know, just fun stuff. any ideas you have, please share. even if they’re ridiculous. if nothing else, i’ll get a good laugh out of them.
so… yeah. think and SHARE!!

4 thoughts on “running and driving and other such moving things…

  1. DeMo says:

    Nobody wants to guest blog for you??? I might give it a try. heh. Our styles are a bit different, but I guess that’s the fun of guest blogging, huh? 🙂

    I had never imagined a running skirt until you wrote about it, then I saw one! For real! I didn’t buy it b/c I imagined it riding up, and I’d rather my thighs be hidden behind shorts for just a leeeetle bit longer.

    • cari says:

      actually, my skirt doesn’t ride up at all. in fact, it stays put better than my shorts do which is awesome. i’d say definitely give it a try if you’d like that kind of thing. i sure do. i’ll try to get a pic of me in my skirt up one of these days. 🙂

  2. Tabitha says:

    I’ll guest blog! 🙂 And yay for running skirts! Tell me…what’s so great about them? I’ve never thought to consider anything other than shorts/pants…but I’m a newbie to this whole running thing. 🙂

    • cari says:

      well i pretty much just love skirts, so to be able to run in them is awesome too. some people say that running in a skirt is really really weird because they get super self conscious about trying to look “pretty” while running, but i don’t let it bother me. i enjoy the fact that i’m wearing a skirt. my skirt also doesn’t ride up at all where my shorts always do and that’s another AWESOME bonus. i’d say find a relatively inexpensive one and give it a try. 🙂

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