social media check up…

i’ve realized lately, and mostly last night, that my social media outlets have a tendency to run my free time. if i’m not doing anything and i can get on the interwebs, i’m on facebook or checking my email or my blog or other people’s blogs or on some equally mind numbing, free time consuming site. not that this is inherently a bad thing, but it’s become almost obsessive checking. waiting, waiting… has anyone commented? are they paying attention to me? and it’s this obsessiveness that’s the problem.
i’ve realized, and it’s been agonizing, that i’ve gotten zero comments on my blog for the past, oh week or so, i think. something like that. and it’s gotten to the point that i’m looking every chance i get, even though there’s nothing in my email that says someone has commented. i think that’s what really opened my eyes to the growing problem. then, last night our thursday night group (which is now the tuesday night group) started talking about this and talking about finding where our free time is going and figuring out what our priorities truly are. and we really challenged each other to check our media consumption. where is our time going? i was really convicted of interwebs and texting. very much so.
i know that i’ve joined sites and other places because people told me to. twitter. 20sb. flickr. youtube. why do i have accounts here? i don’t evenΒ  know. partly because someone told me to. and partly because i’d hoped that more people would pay attention to me. i think that everyone wants to be paid attention to every now and then, that’s perfectly normal, but when the things i do are more about getting those ‘hey you’ve been noticed’ emails and not doing them just to do them, this is a problem.
so i’ve closed my twitter account. i’ve closed my 20sb account. i’ve closed my flickr account. and it’s not that they’re bad, but there’s no reason that i should have them. i hardly EVER use them. in fact, i can barely remember the last time i was at/on any of those places.
texting is another thing that i’ve gone crazy with. and it’s for the same reason. to feel like someone is paying attention to me. i really need to get over myself and realize that hey, people have lives and guess what? i’m not the center of those attentions. and that’s fine. i’ve just kinda lost sight of that and so here’s to regaining sight of that and gaining more free time. more USABLE time. homework time. bible study time. DO NOTHING time.
so this is what i’m going to try to do: limit checking email to twice a day. facebook ONCE a day. bloggy ONCE a day. reader ONCE a day (though reader isn’t necessarily a problem. maybe if i checked it once a day, i wouldn’t get so far behind. ha.) last but not least, turning my phone off during class. really? don’t need the phone on at all. just tempts me to text during class and not pay attention. i know that these are lofty goals, but i need to remember where my priorities are. so i’m not running away. i’ll still be around, just less frequently. and i think that’s a good thing. it will help me to remember what’s important and what isn’t.
so here’s to less interwebs and more productive time, more God time, more homework time. i’m actually really excited to see where this goes.

8 thoughts on “social media check up…

  1. Heather says:

    *gasp* Now who am I supposed to text when I am in class!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Maaaaaam says:

    good for you to realize that you’re not the center of the universe. And yes, it’s good to take time to do nothing or something other than the interweb. I’ll text you later – ;-D

  3. jeneypeney says:

    Rock on chicka!

    I’ve considered going on a social media black out a few times in my life… but alas – you are a stronger woman than I.

    Good luck! And now that you have more free time we should try to organize some sort of Fargo meet-up! πŸ˜›

  4. lurking dad says:

    Who are you? What’s facebook? texting????????

  5. DeMo says:

    I’ve had a nice time being away from Facebook for Lent. What I really miss is event invites and messages. I am glad to not be involved in the gossip at the moment. I have over 700 friends, I think, and am considering whittling that down to something like 500, but even that sounds like a huge number now that I’ve been away. So maybe 300? Anyway, I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy your break, if you can keep it going. If it gets challenging to stay away, just take it a week at a time. 30 days makes a habit, so if you get that far you’re doing good! πŸ™‚

  6. DeMo says:

    afterthought #1: I lost your email addy and need a way to talk to you since you’re not on twitter anymore. plz send it to me. i am not sure where it went. and i can’t get on the tweet machine for a few more days to hunt it down. altho i really just needed it so i wouldn’t have to leave all my bizness in a comment for the world to see. πŸ™‚

    afterthought #2: how in the world do i change my avatar from that funky blue thing to a pic of moi?

    • cari says:

      afterthought #1: cari [dot] vanoverbeke [at] gmail [dot] com

      afterthought #2: i don’t have the faintest clue. sorry… it might be a wordpress thing? maybe?

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