it amazes me how much politics infiltrates every day life. right down to inside the classroom. the voice of one student is able to override any dissension but concerns brought up by another fall on seemingly deaf ears. one or two students can change the course of an event for 50 and no one bats an eye (at least, those in power) while the concerns of others are shot down immediately. those ones are asked to be mature, to walk away, to just let it happen. to let the immature and irresponsible get their way.

is THIS what the world is coming to? trample on the responsible and mature and let the children get their way? to let the duties of those “in charge” fall on those who are “responsible”? because someone wants it done the RIGHT way and those who are already swamped with garbage to do get to do even MORE? i understand that life is not fair. i GET that. what i DON’T get is how people think this is ok. what i DON’T get is how it’s ok to inconvenience some people and not others. what i DON’T get is the place that we’re supposed to be teaching people how to be adults (college) is precisely the place where more and more students are being allowed to get away with anything and everything. if they whine enough, things are changed. fortunately, i have a number of classes where politics DOESN’T play a role and where students know what is expected of them and they do it.

part of me would really enjoy teaching in a collegiate setting. i really would. however, i’m not sure how i would ever be able to deal with the ever increasing political games in the collegiate setting. it seems that i would almost have to teach at a graduate level and, having never been there, i’m not sure how i feel about that. i think i would like to be able to shape and help more students than that. to help others find their way. i know that i would those who don’t care along the way but i could deal with that. i could deal with that kind of stuff. the political environment that would possibly be in the office though? not sure if i could deal with that. not sure if i could deal with power struggles. of course, that would probably be a place where i would not stay.

i guess college DOES teach some how to be adults, how to adapt, how to survive, how to deal with all sorts of different people. it teaches me to see people for who they are and HOW they are, regardless of what might have been a previous thought or feeling. it teaches me to take certain things at face value and to not internalize. it teaches me to cope with disappointment. it teaches me how to keep school at school, work at work, and home at home. it teaches me all sorts of things.

of course, it also teaches me to not believe in people. it teaches me to expect the worst. it teaches me not to depend on others. it teaches me to look out for number one. on the plus side of all of that, it teaches me that not all people are flexible or can be relied on. it teaches me that some people jump into things far more foolishly than i, even when those decisions affect me. it teaches me how to be discerning of those with whom i come in contact. it teaches me that if i want a good education, i need to speak up and do what i need to do in order to ensure that happens.

however, at the end of the day, school is only a short part of my life and all that really matters is the piece of paper at the end of the tunnel, not necessarily the steps it took to get me there. classes will not be thoroughly scrutinized and if i do get a B in a class because i let myself be bullied a little bit, it’s just another something i’ve learned. so here’s to my education, my rant and my peace of mind.


3 thoughts on “politics…

  1. Maaaaaam says:

    Gotta love the adult world. He who cries the loudest gets the most attention.

  2. nicopolitan says:

    Using this same case in point, what this teaches me is that in order to maintain a status quo that is being dragged down by the immature, that much of the mature have to step up, and not only pull their own weight, but that of others. That then creates three distinct categories: The immature, the mature, and the responsible.

    I’m working on being of the third kind. It’s more work than gets recognized, but like I’ve said, hard work is its own reward.

  3. LensFlare says:

    College, for the most part, is no longer about education. It’s about indoctrination, part of which is you never have to grow up, that you’re entitled to everything, right now. You should never be inconvenienced. It’s been going on for a long time because in the end it will put more people in positions of power. Look at the entitlements the government is handing out to everyone that feels entitled to whatever because they have the “right” to it. Those in power are happy to hand out those entitlement because it further empowers them, those receiving the entitlements become dependent on those in power which makes them more powerful. Ever wonder why government has such a big part in the school and university system? It’s the perfect starting point for a bunch of whiney dependents.

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