in which i play catch-up…

  • so i have two volunteers for a guest blog in june-ish when it’s entirely possible that i’ll be heading somewhere for a honeymoon. if the timeline changes, i’ll be sure to let you all know. if anyone else is interested, let me know.
  • i just started selling my bodily fluids today. tell you what, though, i’m tired. that REALLY takes it out of you when they take your plasma.
  • my wedding is 32 days away. holy. turbo.
  • i’m also right now too fat to fit into my dress. guess this girl put on a few more pounds than she thought. oh wells. i got 5 weeks to take care of it. so not worried.
  • i’m going to detroit this weekend. for a hockey game. courtesy of the fiance’s gpa. he thought it up out of the blue and thought it would be fun to send us to the red wings before playoffs start and really? who knows the next time we’ll get to do this. so yeah. i’m going to joe louis arena. to watch the red wings. i think i just peed a little bit.
  • i have a group project in one of my classes. we have 11 people in our group. i think that’s ridiculous. i would have rather had on the smaller end of the project, but whatevs. it is what it is, right? the only problem is getting 11 people to come to class, check their email, RESPOND to emails in order to figure this out. oh yeah, and when are you EVER going to get 11 people together outside of class? oh that’s right… you’re not. i’m trying not to let this stress me out, but it’s slightly challenging. i guess we’ll see how this all pans out, right?

i think that’s all i have right now. i’m tired and i want to go to bed. i want friday to come really really really really really really really really fast. fo’ sho’. 😀


5 thoughts on “in which i play catch-up…

  1. DeMo says:

    11 people for a group project? Nightmare. Groups should be made of no more than 4 people.

    32 days!!! It’s going to show up sooner than you think! yay!

  2. jeneypeney says:

    Holy crap… 32 days?!

    And I will totally guest post if you want 😉

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