love never fails you…

Love Never Fails, Brandon Heath

just heard this song for the first time yesterday and i think i’ve fallen in love with it. and so i think you should too.

i’m pretty sure i mentioned my tuesday group before, so as yesterday was tuesday, we met up. and as per usual, we had an AWESOME discussion.

we, through the course of conversation, got to talking about some missionaries brutally murdered in turkey a few years ago that i’d honestly never heard about. and this got me to thinking quite a bit about what i would do if i were in that situation. part of me really isn’t sure that i have enough faith to go through something like that. i’m sure that no one ever dreams of being martyred, i’m sure it wasn’t on those guys’ top 10 things to do. and as i was sharing my thoughts on that, james said something really interesting about that. he said that at that point, it’s not a matter of how much faith do you have. it’s a matter of your faith being the ONLY thing you have left to hold onto. the point at which you are being tortured for your faith is a point of no choice, it’s a point of finding whatever you can to get you through it.

one of our other tuesday guys brought up Hebrews 12:2: let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the JOY set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

we kinda dissected what that verse means, taking it piece by piece and talking about what we think it means and sharing our insights on it and then, this morning in the shower, it occurred to me. i was still kinda feeling bad about my ‘lack of faith’ and it was as though God said to me, ‘hey. don’t worry about it. i will not tempt you beyond what you can bear and i will not test you beyond what i have prepared you for. you don’t have to feel bad about your lack of willingness to lay down your life in the hands of torturers because that has not been required of you.’ and it kinda stopped me in my thoughts right there. it has not been required of me.

God has not asked me to give up safety to minister to other people, He has not called me into the global mission field. He has not asked me to risk my life for the sake of the gospel. but what He has asked, He does require obedience. not wasting time on the interwebs or on my phone, treating people with respect and love (which i sometimes have a very hard time with), honoring my husband to be, drawing closer to Himself and Christ. these are the things He requires of me. while they seem small in light of giving up my life, they aren’t small. the country in which i live thrives on the opposite of such things, thrives on instant gratification while God demands denial of self; doing what you want when you want while God requires that i do what He wants when He wants me to; stepping on people to get ahead while God requires i be the least of these. God requires that i delay gratification here on this earth so that i can live for ETERNITY in paradise, in perfect communion with Him. because really, if it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for. the world says don’t get married until you take that person for a test drive to know if there’s compatibility where God says ‘trust that i know what’s best for you and that i’ve given you everything you need in a person. resist the urge to test drive even though i know it’s hard. honor him and honor Me.’

i know that if Christ could endure the cross, KNOWING it was going to happen, maybe not even grasping the extent of the physical pain He would endure and doing it anyway, i can give up some interwebbing and some texting, i can give up the way of thinking of those who don’t know Christ, i can give up a lot of things for cause of Christ. i know that He has so much more in store for me. He’s got a life planned out for me that i could never imagine. and it will be worth it at the end of the day, at the end of my life whenever it is required of me. i will endure my own cross for the joy set before me in Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “love never fails you…

  1. DeMo says:

    And all the people said it:


    Obedience. So hard, but so rewarding. Thanks for the challenge and thoughts.

  2. Maaaaaam says:

    Again – Amen!! I love it when God explains things to me. When I finally get that “Ah ha Moment”. Those are the best. I just wish they came more often. I love hearing from God.

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