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the final week…

as some (most) of you may know… i’m getting married. on saturday. i’m really not sure what to make of it, either. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i’m super excited, but super nervous at the same time. because i know that the week of bad dreams is about to start. or… i should say the days of bad dreams. you know, those dreams where EVERYTHING goes wrong.

like… people don’t tell you that the flowers for your hair are in the refrigerator and they start the ceremony without you and there’s not even a seat for you in the crowd even though you’re the bride and why the HECK am i sitting in the crowd anyway and the MUSIC doesn’t start or work and so people are confused…

yeah, those dreams. already had one in case you missed that. it was ridiculous. but, in light of everything else, it’s been a good past week and i think the rest of this one will be ok too. just to give you a little taste, i’m going to start LAST monday and just tell you what’s been going on.

  • monday (4/19) – paper due in class
  • tuesday – packing to move/homework day/visiting dad at track meet
  • wednesday – presentation in class where i failed to save the PROPER powerpoint, but it worked out anyway because the only thing that was wrong were some maps, but still. fail on my part. we still got a 98% and it’s posted on his website as an example. yeah, my group rocked. or something.
  • thursday – took ring in to get cleaned and fused. which means that my finger is STILL naked. also had two tests. and was supposed to work a student recital and forgot. also, started to get some weird sunburn itchy rash thing on my neck. seriously? yeah. suck. turns out it was sun rash and i put some aloe on it and it’s fine now. also, the final night of sleeping in my own bed.
  • friday – extra class that usually doesn’t meet because of the concert i had this past weekend. and more packing. and taking stuff to james’ house so the movers could move it all and we wouldn’t have to.
  • saturday – dress rehearsal for sunday concert, packing, worrying about james’ bachelor party and that he won’t come home either alive or in one piece. he came home alive AND in one piece. however, really enjoyed the drunk talk when he got home. it was sweet – telling me how much he loves and me and stuff. yeah, super cute.
  • sunday – family up and concert. a really HARD concert. but, according to everyone who knows anything, i played the best concert of my life. and they really really made sure that i knew that. and more moving stuff for the movers to arrive at 8 am monday morning.
  • monday (4/26) – movers show up at 8 am and start moving stuff. another test. picked up the future MIL from the airport. i was a BUNDLE of nerves. couldn’t sit still, couldn’t stop talking or texting or emailing. nerves nerves. but meeting her was fine and nothing terrible happened. and got to move MORE stuff.
  • tuesday (today) – setting up apartment, game 7 of the series for the red wings (win or go home game tonight. i hope they win), having peeps over for the first time. we’re going to have our tuesday night group at OUR apartment and get to use OUR cups which we just washed in OUR dishwasher last night and did laundry in OUR washer and dryer. it was cool. showered in OUR shower this morning (one at a time, i promise).
  • wednesday (tomorrow) – more moving and setting up apartment. probably picking up the rings since we don’t have time to do that today. then it’s the wednesday night college group, though we’re not sure if we’re going to go because of hanging out with mom stuff, i don’t know. i want to go, but wow… so much busyness.
  • thursday – picking up dress and tuxes and all that stuff, putting together the ‘wedding day stuff’ pile. massage at 8 pm  or something.
  • friday – my final class before the wedding, mani/pedi at noon-thirty, shopping for last minute stuff for the wedding – like plates and cups and bowls and whatnot. and then a not-so-bachelorette party. which means girls at my place for drinks and games. should be fun. hopefully no hangovers. that would suck.
  • saturday – wedding. yeah… ’nuff said. and probably getting laid. just sayin’.
  • sunday – church with the family, gift opening, hopefully some sleeping. like… yeah, actual shut eye.
  • monday – back to school and work. and then finals.
  • saturday (may 15) leaving for honeymoon. yay.

yeah… who’s jealous of my life? not me… *sigh* i’m sure it will all be fine.

also, i think that i’ll start figuring out peeps for guest posting while i honeymoon it up. i’ll have to dig back and see who wanted to do one, but feel free to let me know again that you’re interested and i’ll come with a sched and whatnot. or… email me at cari [dot] vanoverbeke [at] gmail [dot] com and then i’ll have YOUR email, you’ll have MINE and we can work it all out. deal? deal.

anyway, gotta go to class now. later, kidz!

the miles that grow between us…

we all grow up, right?

of course that’s true. everyone has a story about how they’re growing up and moving on in life. they’re going to school, getting jobs, paying bills, paying student loans, getting married, living the life of an adult. something that i’ve come to realize is that this also means another pretty big and important thing.

it means moving. moving away from friends, moving away from family. sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few states. and suddenly, of all the shows you want to be harassed by on facebook, you aren’t. because the only live shows you’re interested in going to are your friend’s shows. and the only ones who ever invite you aren’t actually your friends. they’re people that you just happen to know. and while, yeah, they put on a good show and they have good music, it’s just not the same. you don’t know the music, you don’t know the lyrics, you barely know most of the people in the band, you went to school with them but never talked.

and now, the only way that seems to be able to minimize the miles is the internet. and of course, that requires an equal commitment by both people to keep up. but pretty soon, you’re swamped in homework and overtime and there just isn’t time to blog or email or chat or even call. and you begin to realize how big those miles are. and how they grow.

in a time where the world just gets smaller and smaller, some distances are so hard to close. money is tight and visits can’t be arranged. and the miles grow. and days and weeks pass between blog posts. and the miles grow. and months pass between chats and phone calls. and the miles grow. pretty soon, you’re checking the map to see how far it is from fargo to m-boro (1150 miles for those interested) and you wonder… how long until i can make that trip work? what can i cut down in my life to save the money for a trip like that? but you also remember that there’s a trip to new york on the horizon as well (1430 miles) and you can’t decide which place you’d rather go to more. then you start to see if you can make it one trip but you remember that you’re flying to new york and all of these little details seem to get in the way.

at the same time, all you want to do is go see your friend in a coffee shop play her uke and sing her little red head off. but oh, how the miles have grown. and sometimes, distances and life are just a little too much to overcome. but your heart knows and harbors that little dream that yes, you WILL get out there and you WILL be together again, if only for a few days and all those miles will mean nothing. someday, those miles will mean nothing.

so much time away…

oh my blog friends, how i have neglected you as of late!! it’s not that i didn’t have anything to say, just more that i didn’t have the time with which to put all my thoughts down into words. believe me, i’ve had plenty to say, plenty to share, plenty going on. so i guess, it’s simply time to catch up over the next few days. i’ll give you a little teaser today via the “open letters friday” and then i will explain all the open letters in the appropriate blog post.


so here goes, open letters monday.


dear group members,
please get your part of the project done soon. we present on wednesday, remember?
yours truly,
your less than accommodating group leader


dear spring semester,
please end faster.
this student


dear james,
thanks for taking care of everything. this wedding would not be 12 days away if it weren’t for you and your ability to get everything done. i really appreciate it.
love you always,
your wife to be


dear friend,
it would have been really nice to know that the ex was going to be at the rehearsal. and although i know this barely matters, i don’t know what i was doing to be dramatic. i tried very hard not to be. i’m sorry it if was stressful.
your to-the-core dramatic friend


dear ex,
though i appreciate the lack of interaction and lack of potential drama, it would have been nice for you to step up and say something since i know you wanted to and you know you wanted to. i hope you’re happy with how your life is turning out. i’m ecstatic about mine.
not sure whether to care anymore


dear wedding,
please organize the rest of your details. i don’t want to do it.
overwhelmed, but yours,
the bride


dear spring,
i’m glad that you are here, but you are still very cold in the morning which is a serious deterrent for me to wear the cute clothes i want to wear. please begin to warm up faster.
yours truly,


dear three page reaction/opinion paper,
thank you for basically writing yourself. i appreciate it.
the writer

why weddings suck…

one word: dieting.

when i got my dress, i had room to grow. well, it appears that i grew a little too much. so now, i’m running every day. which is good. i like to run. however, the part that i DON’T like is that i’m not allowed to eat whatever i want and however much of it i want. and that, my friends, annoys me to death. i really hate depriving myself of food. it even kinda makes me a little crabby. usually at james. which isn’t fair.

but still. this whole getting fatter than my dress thing? so not cool. i’m sure part of it has to do with that dastardly no baby pill, but still. and then, some people with whom i live do not understand the… panic… that such a discovery brings on. i’m sure that every girl (and probably a few boys out there) totally understand the devastation you feel when you realize that something that you totally are in love with and want to wear DOESN’T FIT anymore.

now, i realize, this is not a CATASTROPHE. this isn’t the END OF THE WORLD.

it just kinda feels like it.

i know that with this running and my eating better and having some sort of semblance of portion control and that zipper will glide up my back like snot on a brass door knob. and i’m going to look amazing. and it’s going to be an awesome day with all sorts of friends and family there to support us in our new life together. i GET all of that.

i just think it might be a TAD awkward if i’m nekkid the whole time because i got too….. healthy…. for my dress.

so here’s to being a big person, an adult, someone who’s got to play the cards the way they were dealt. and i’m sure that everything will be just fine. or at least i think so. james is sure that everything will be just fine. i will believe him when my dress fits me again. that’s all i’m sayin.

though the running? totally amazing. seriously. i love to run. like… wow. yeah. running pretty much rocks and i’m super excited to have a “running” buddy (who sometimes (most of the time) rides bike alongside me). which makes me feel awesome that i need a BIKER to keep up. like this girl needs any more help with her ego. ha!

so keep your eyes peeled. we’ll have wedding pics up in the next 12 months or so. and maybe even some engagement pics if we ever get them from the best man…