motor city…

james and i went to detroit this past weekend for the wings/predators game. and wow. what an AWESOME weekend.

minus the day and a bit in the car. and the 12-year-olds at the hotel that wouldn’t shut up. and the chicago parking lot. and the i-94 parking lot in wisconsin.

other than that, it was AWESOME. we stayed in a nice room in downtown and seriously, the people in detroit are super nice. it is probably the smallest big town i’ve EVER been in. the only time we saw a lot of people was when we were AT the joe. and then 20,000 people showed up and we all hung out for a couple hours and then we went home and detroit just emptied out again. it was weird, but cool.

i also saw canada while i was there as it’s just across the river. somehow, i really had no idea that canada was just right there. so that was kinda cool. we walked along the waterfront in the morning before trying to find the player’s lot so we could watch them come in. we saw quite a few of the players drive in, which was really cool, including my boys, hank and pavel. black is a VERY popular car color for the rich guys i’ve noticed. pretty sweet. then once we FINALLY got inside, we saw the gordie howe statue that hangs out right there all in your face and SUPER cool. we got a hot dog. we MET gordie howe. and to be honest, i didn’t understand what the big deal was because i’ve been a hockey fan for going on like, 8 months or something. there are just those things i don’t know. so james is like… drooling in awe and i’m upset because we just walked away from the counter where my hot dog was. but, i got to shake his hand and get a picture with him. when he saw me, he made me turn around so he could see who’s jersey i had on, which was cool and i told him that james wouldn’t marry me unless i became a red wings fan, which he found pretty amusing. so i got my picture with him and then got to go get my hot dog. james was speechless. absolutely speechless. he could NOT believe that we just met gordie howe and he got made fun of BY gordie howe. pretty sweet if you ask me.

then we went up to our seats which were right on the back wall of the lower area. which actually AREN’T bad seats because we got to sit UP on our seats, looking over everyone else and we had an AWESOME view of the ice and the game. we went down and stood at the glass for the warm up round and met some really cool people. we got to watch all the players warm up a little which was even cooler and nik lidstrom, the CAPTAIN of the team totally threw himself at me. too bad the glass was in the way. he wants me. i can tell. i don’t blame him, either. haha.

i got to watch my boy, hank, in action, which was SUPER cool too. his hair was all flowy as he skated. it was kinda funny. and i decided, after seeing hank drive in and be on the ice and skating around, that james is by FAR a much better looking man. i’m sorry, hank, but it’s true. you can have your supermodel wife and i’ll stick with my piece of delicious james. i know you’re sad, but you’ll survive. i promise.

so then AFTER the warm up, the zamboni guy drives around and there are little holes in the glass where they give away the practice pucks. so we totally got one. this lady was standing by us as i was being all cocky saying that none of the red wings will ever forget me and blah blah. she thought i was hilarious. or delusional. but pretty sure she just thought i was funny. so we got our puck, said goodbye to our new acquaintances and went back to our seats.

and oh man, was the game SUPER exciting. there is nothing like having 20,000 people cheering for a goal scored. everyone out of their seats… all the energy. oh man. i may have peed a little with excitement. unfortunately, i’d only gotten about 10 hours of sleep in the previous 2 DAYS, so i napped between periods. there are 20 minutes between periods and i slept. like… really fell asleep. james said i was adorable. but it was so exciting. i want to go back. definitely. like, every year go back. it was so much fun. even though we lost. but we lost in OT. and james’ boy pavel scored a super exciting goal :30 from the end which sent us into OT. i wish you could have felt that energy in there. it’s just unbelievable. just incredible.

even pouring out of the joe with all those other fans was amazing. all those other red wings fans. i think it would even be super fun to go to the cities for a wild/wings game and be in the minority. just to see how that’s different. just to be in the minority. just to be there when the wings SMASH them into the ice on their home turf. that would be fun. i never knew i was such a hockey fan. or i guess i’m just fiercely loyal to a team when i finally decide to be their fan. and of course it helps that james is such a huge fan as well.

so all in all, it was such a good weekend. james is a great travel buddy and he tells me that i am too even though by about 2 pm every day i was so ready to be out of the car and trying super hard to not get crabby. i kinda get that way, but it was fun. i want to do this again for sure. make it a yearly thing. that would be sweet.

so that was my awesome easter weekend. i hope that yours was just as fun.


5 thoughts on “motor city…

  1. Tabitha says:

    That sounds like a TON of fun — and that’s saying a lot, coming from someone who is completely “meh” about pretty much ALL sports. I did go to a Suns/Lakers game once, and I was surprised at myself for getting so into it. 🙂

  2. Maaaaaam says:

    Next time you go you’ll have to stock up on Poise pads for your peeing problem.

  3. lurking dad says:

    It is a bid deal to meet Gordy Howe. Did you get him to sign anything? Getting a picture with him is even better.

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