why weddings suck…

one word: dieting.

when i got my dress, i had room to grow. well, it appears that i grew a little too much. so now, i’m running every day. which is good. i like to run. however, the part that i DON’T like is that i’m not allowed to eat whatever i want and however much of it i want. and that, my friends, annoys me to death. i really hate depriving myself of food. it even kinda makes me a little crabby. usually at james. which isn’t fair.

but still. this whole getting fatter than my dress thing? so not cool. i’m sure part of it has to do with that dastardly no baby pill, but still. and then, some people with whom i live do not understand the… panic… that such a discovery brings on. i’m sure that every girl (and probably a few boys out there) totally understand the devastation you feel when you realize that something that you totally are in love with and want to wear DOESN’T FIT anymore.

now, i realize, this is not a CATASTROPHE. this isn’t the END OF THE WORLD.

it just kinda feels like it.

i know that with this running and my eating better and having some sort of semblance of portion control and that zipper will glide up my back like snot on a brass door knob. and i’m going to look amazing. and it’s going to be an awesome day with all sorts of friends and family there to support us in our new life together. i GET all of that.

i just think it might be a TAD awkward if i’m nekkid the whole time because i got too….. healthy…. for my dress.

so here’s to being a big person, an adult, someone who’s got to play the cards the way they were dealt. and i’m sure that everything will be just fine. or at least i think so. james is sure that everything will be just fine. i will believe him when my dress fits me again. that’s all i’m sayin.

though the running? totally amazing. seriously. i love to run. like… wow. yeah. running pretty much rocks and i’m super excited to have a “running” buddy (who sometimes (most of the time) rides bike alongside me). which makes me feel awesome that i need a BIKER to keep up. like this girl needs any more help with her ego. ha!

so keep your eyes peeled. we’ll have wedding pics up in the next 12 months or so. and maybe even some engagement pics if we ever get them from the best man…


3 thoughts on “why weddings suck…

  1. your favorite sister says:

    Like snot on a brass doorknob? That’s a new one. Made brushing G’s hair more entertaining though. I would just like to get my dress. Like now.

  2. Maaaaaam says:

    The corset is still an option. I’d still love to have you laying on the floor while I stand on your back to lace it up. What a mental image that one is. Scarlett O’Hara, here we come!! 😀

  3. jeneypeney says:

    Hey, if you are ever in need of another running buddy, I’m your girl! 😉

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