so much time away…

oh my blog friends, how i have neglected you as of late!! it’s not that i didn’t have anything to say, just more that i didn’t have the time with which to put all my thoughts down into words. believe me, i’ve had plenty to say, plenty to share, plenty going on. so i guess, it’s simply time to catch up over the next few days. i’ll give you a little teaser today via the “open letters friday” and then i will explain all the open letters in the appropriate blog post.


so here goes, open letters monday.


dear group members,
please get your part of the project done soon. we present on wednesday, remember?
yours truly,
your less than accommodating group leader


dear spring semester,
please end faster.
this student


dear james,
thanks for taking care of everything. this wedding would not be 12 days away if it weren’t for you and your ability to get everything done. i really appreciate it.
love you always,
your wife to be


dear friend,
it would have been really nice to know that the ex was going to be at the rehearsal. and although i know this barely matters, i don’t know what i was doing to be dramatic. i tried very hard not to be. i’m sorry it if was stressful.
your to-the-core dramatic friend


dear ex,
though i appreciate the lack of interaction and lack of potential drama, it would have been nice for you to step up and say something since i know you wanted to and you know you wanted to. i hope you’re happy with how your life is turning out. i’m ecstatic about mine.
not sure whether to care anymore


dear wedding,
please organize the rest of your details. i don’t want to do it.
overwhelmed, but yours,
the bride


dear spring,
i’m glad that you are here, but you are still very cold in the morning which is a serious deterrent for me to wear the cute clothes i want to wear. please begin to warm up faster.
yours truly,


dear three page reaction/opinion paper,
thank you for basically writing yourself. i appreciate it.
the writer


3 thoughts on “so much time away…

  1. christy says:

    clever post! i may steal the idea sometime in the future. i could add my name on the letter to spring as well!

  2. Courtney says:


  3. Tabitha says:

    I can’t believe I never replied to this! Gah. I’m terrible. But I really loved this post, and I just generally enjoy open-letter-styled posts. Woo!

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