happy may day!

so i’m getting married today. and you’re probably asking WHY THE HECK ARE YOU AWAKE AT 545 AM ON YOUR WEDDING DAY?!!?!

or maybe you’re not.

well… the fact is, i can’t sleep. anymore. we went to bed at 11 last night. and i slept all night. until about 515. and then i was WIDE awake. i tried for a while to fall back to sleep, but the knot in my stomach continues to grow. i don’t think that i’m nervous about getting married, i’m just nervous about the fact that i’m getting married today.

i had a non-bachelorette bachelorette party last night and it was SSSOOO much fun. we played some games (yes, mario kart was involved), we had some drinks, shared lots of stories, lots of laughs, and the WHOLE time, it just didn’t REALLY occur to me that people were there for ME. it was ME that they came to see. i, of course, was playing hostess, cleaning stuff, moving muchie food out into the living room so i could munch away at it ALL. NIGHT. good heavens, at least it was fruits and veggies, right? otherwise… i’d have gained 10 pounds last night alone.

but now, i have that ‘hey, i just ate 10 pounds of fruits and veggies and my body has already digested them so i might just be hungry right now but i can’t really differentiate that from the i’m about to get married butterflies’ feeling. i’m super thirsty so i have a wonderful little water bottle next to me (well, it was until james came out and sat next to me on the couch because believe it or not, he can’t sleep either, haha!).

i just keep running through things in my head even though i WANT to sleep. i REALLY REALLY do. but i keep thinking about the pictures and my dress and TONIGHT and all that stuff that goes along with this whole getting married thing and i just can’t seem to shut it off. i’m really hoping that by writing this, i’ll be able to go back to bed and sleep for an hour.

i’m really excited, i am REALLY excited and maybe that’s just it. it’s just that i’m so excited and SO nervous and so EVERYTHING. i want to have a good day, and i’m almost CERTAIN that i will, it’s just the nerves. i love this man with all my heart and so i know that i’m doing the right thing. i KNOW that this is right. it’s just so… big. you know?

so, i guess here’s to the wedding day and getting married and hoping that it doesn’t rain TOO hard today and people can find the fargodome and don’t look up the address to the church office because that’s a different location. here’s to hair and make-up and dresses and shoes, here’s to mints and bobby pins. here’s to everything wedding and having a good day. i’m definitely excited.


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