random questions…

… on facebook stalking:

have you ever facebook stalked someone’s pictures and discovered that they know a whole SLEW of people that you know? and you think HOW IN THE WORLD DID WE NEVER MEET BEFORE?!?!?! yeah, me too.

have you ever spend an HOUR looking at pictures of people on facebook. EVEN PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW? just because there’s that weird curiosity about them. or just a weird curiosity about people in general.

…on stalking:

have you ever tried to stalk someone that you just met and got SUPER frustrated because you couldn’t find anything on them that you didn’t already know? and you’re annoyed that they’re so smart about their information on the web and you realize that you’ve splattered yourself EVERYWHERE and, if they’re doing the same thing, they’ve found a GOLD MINE on you?

have you ever found out that they did the same thing and found a GOLD MINE on you? were you annoyed? because i was.

have you ever tried to stalk somebody’s address and failed miserably?

…on the red wings:

have you ever had one of your red wings score a hat trick? in ONE PERIOD?! and MISSED it so that you could stay home and play mario kart with your husband? anyone? just me? ok…

have you ever breathed a HUGE sigh of relief knowing that you didn’t miss their LAST game of the season because you wanted to stay home and play mario kart?

…on mario kart:

have you ever played mario kart for HOURS on end? just to suck anyway?

have you ever gotten mad at mario kart BECAUSE THEY CHEAT LIKE CRAZY!!!?

have you ever played mirror mode? super hard.

…on blogging:

did you know that blogging is good for your health? yeah, that’s right. when you share about things that bother you, it lowers your blood pressure and stress levels and anxiety levels. all which equal good for your health. unless of course, you blog about stuff you don’t care about, then you’re actually MORE likely to be sick and have all sorts of diseases and whatnot.

have you ever found out that your ex reads your blog?

…on friends:

have you ever failed to keep up with friends? and then you feel like a total loser because you WANT to call them but just don’t seem to EVER have the time?

have you ever wanted to meet bloggy friends SSSOOOO badly that you’d almost be willing to dry up all the monies to do so?

…on life:

have you ever wanted life to simultaneous slow down AND speed up?

have you ever been amazed realizing that you’re married?

have you ever spent an hour trying to keep a conversation going with someone who doesn’t really know how conversations work?

what questions do YOU have?


2 thoughts on “random questions…

  1. Maaaaaam says:

    Can I keep stalking for the most part?

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