do you ever wonder…

hello bloggy peeps! as you may or may not know, i’m ACTUALLY on my HONEYMOON right now, but didn’t want to leave you all hanging for a week, so i got all my favorite bloggers to write me a post so that you know who i spend MY time reading.
this is my fellow fargoan (who i haven’t met yet… my life has been a little crazy lately, but you better BELIEVE that before this summer is over, we’ll have met. fargo ISN’T that big) blogger Jeney. She is sarcastic and HILARIOUS. i’m generally rolling in laughter by the time her posts are about 2 sentences in. so go check her out, leave her a comment and enjoy the guest posters while i’m gone!!


When Cari asked for people to invade her blog while she enjoys her brand-spanking new husband for a week of marital bliss and copious amounts of horizontal mambo-ing, I was totally game for it! I mean, this isn’t my first rodeo.

Then it happened. I hit a wall. Well, not literally. I hit one of those irritating metaphorical walls that pop up when you have something really important to do like write a thesis, draft the constitution, or guest blog.

Honestly, I have no idea why this happens. And come to think of it, there are several things out there that I simply do not understand.

And I have come to terms with this fact.

But that’s not going to stop me from abusing my right to free speech, Cari’s blog and the internet as a whole by writing about it and making all of you wonder the same things and perhaps maybe get an answer or two while typing out run on sentences…

And ellipses….

– Why is my ‘junk drawer’ at home always full of crap and never fails to become a complete cluster a week after I clean it out despite the fact that none of us ever put anything in it?

– What drunk redneck made the final decision on the pronunciation of words like “bologna”, “Colonel”, and “Favre”?

– What jerk gave Vick, Tiger, Rothlisberger, and Favre permission to turn SportsCenter into E! Hollywood News?

– Why, although I am Catholic and have been going to church my whole life, do I still have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to do during mass?

– How do Slacker and Pandora decide bands like Puddle of Mudd and Blink 182 belong on my H.I.M. radio station?

– Why do cinnamon raisin bagels you buy at a bagel shop sometimes taste like they just rolled around in the oven with an onion bagel?

Are there things out there that just boggle your mind?


ps. email me at cari [dot] vanoverbeke [at] gmail [dot] com if you want the new blog URL. moving SATURDAY MAY 22.


One thought on “do you ever wonder…

  1. Allison says:

    why is it that eyelashes, the things that are made to keep things out of your eyes, are the things that are usually the eye violating culprits?

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