happy wednesday everyone!!! yet ANOTHER guest poster cuz i’m still away honeymooning. i would be reading this girl, but she’s on a bit of a break right now (as she’ll tell you herself). i’ve really enjoyed reading her blog, however, so i hope you enjoy this short and sweet post. as always, go check her out and leave some bloggy commenty love for her.


Hello! I’m here from Presently DeMo. My bloggy is on a little break because I’ve been so wrapped up with work and family stuff, but I decided to take some time and guest post for Cari while she’s on her honeymoon. πŸ™‚

I’ve been feeling like traveling lately. What’s holding me back? Money. Time. It seems like there’s not enough of both lately. Cari’s gone on her honeymoon. I have a friend who just left for China on a work trip; another friend is a missionary in China. Yet another friend and her husband just left for England with the Air Force for three years. Three years! I’ll be 29 by the time they’re living in the States again! That’s just crazy.

But I’ve been in awe of the way things are now. How I’m writing this blog post but at the same time chatting with her online about the annoying crow outside her window. 50 years ago nobody would have imagined that we’d be able to do something like this. What do you think that you’ll say 50 years from now when someone asks you what the greatest invention was during your lifetime? I recently asked my grandpa that and he answered that it was the computer. Will you say that the best thing in your lifetime is your iPhone? Your flatscreen TV? Maybe you’ll say that it was email (Oh, email. You are so convenient).

Anyway, back to the travel thing. Where would you want to go? If money weren’t an issue, and you could leave work whenever and for however long you want. I would love to have the ability to just drop everything and buy a plane ticket to anywhere. Being a single girl has sort of put a damper on any plans that I’ve had of running away to Europe and couch-surfing or staying in hostels. I do have some mace though, maybe that will keep any attackers away?? I think I’ll start planning and saving right now. πŸ™‚

Are there any dreamy adventures for you?


ps. email me at cari [dot] vanoverbeke [at] gmail [dot] com if you want the new blog URL. moving SATURDAY MAY 22.


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