a realization of sorts…

i’ve been sitting in the background of bloggy world for a while watching the whirlwind of diet and exercise and gymming take place. i kept telling myself that after the wedding was over, i’d check these places out more, like In It To Gym It and things like that and jump on the exercise and accountability through blogging bandwagon.

well, the wedding was over three weeks ago. things are finally hitting some semblance of normal, and yet the motivation to join IITGI and start posting about my running/weight loss journey and all that jazz has not come. in fact, i am LESS motivated now than ever.

which i thought was kind of weird. so as i was running today, i thought about it. i pondered why i didn’t necessarily want to post my numbers out there (not that i’m ashamed, my scale said this morning that i weigh 160). i pondered why i didn’t want to pick a day to update everyone (mostly because i’m sporadic on here at best and it would end up being update whatever-day-of-the-week-it-is. which is fine, really). all these thoughts then led me to ponder my motivation FOR running.

and then it hit me.

i don’t run to lose weight. if i ran and never lost a pound in my life, i wouldn’t be bothered by that. i run because I. LOVE. TO. RUN. that’s it. i mean, i LOVE the way my legs look when i’ve been running, how they get all muscular and sexy. i love how i FEEL after i’ve been running for a while. i’m not gasping to get up steps. my clothes fit better and i FEEL better in them. i have more energy. i’m more motivated to walk or bike places instead of drive (not that i have a CHOICE right now because james and i are a one car household). i can eat whatever i want, but when i’ve been running, i WANT to eat healthier. though pizza, burgers and beer will ALWAYS be my weakness. at least i hope so. haha.

running also motivates me to do other healthy things, like yoga. i have a yoga dvd and i’m definitely more inclined to bust it out after a run. though i think i want another one. so i can do it on the off days because i’m going to try to run every other day for a while. until i’m more in shape and don’t want to DIE after two and half miles.

i also simply feel a great sense of accomplishment after i’ve completed a run. especially if it was a difficult run and i wanted to stop and walk SSSOOOO badly. it’s amazing to me how much i love being able to push through that feeling and complete the run.

another thing is that it’s something that james and i can do together. while running at 5pm SUCKS in the summer because it’s HOT outside, it’s still something we can do. he can bike alongside me as i run and it’s wonderful. it’s nice to do it together. and hey, we don’t have to do it every single day. as i get better and go on longer and longer runs, it’ll be nice to have a buddy there, encouraging me and just being there. and on weekends, heck, i can run at any time i want. even if it’s 6 am. because it’s the weekend. and i can take a nap. and so can james.

so i’ve realized that while weight loss is a natural part of developing a healthier lifestyle, it’s not my main motivation. it’s hardly a motivation at all. i do enjoy seeing the numbers recede, but eventually, they stop receding. eventually you’re at that goal. and then what? what’s to work toward next? i’m not saying that people are terrible people because they want to lose weight, i’m just saying that it doesn’t really work for me. so needless to say, friends, i will NOT be boring you with all those details. though, i don’t find it boring when people update, actually. i am excited for them to be working toward their goal. i’m sure every now and then i’ll give you an update of how we’re doing, but i think that james and i are motivation and accountability enough for each other. and we can have a heck of a lot of fun doing it – whether it’s running or playing basketball or other sports with friends on the weekend. there are SO many ways to get in shape and i’m excited to have the summer to develop some really good working out habits, really good legs, and if i’m lucky, really good abs.

here’s to you and me and everyone who’s taking charge of their health and fitness!! may we ENJOY doing it, ENJOY the benefits, and ENJOY life.


One thought on “a realization of sorts…

  1. Tabitha says:

    I love it! And hey, you could still totally join IITGI and post about running/biking/sexy-legification, etc. It’s a fitness community more than a diet/weight-loss community. But I totally LOVE that you and James are motivation enough for each other. That? ROCKS. 🙂

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