this stop, maturity. next stop, domesticated…

i’m trucking ever closer to being DOMESTICATED. yeah, like a wild animal that becomes a really great pet. except it’s single, college girl to responsible, caring wife. i buy CARDS for people now. like, for their birthday. i’m even resisting the urge to buy the dumbest ones there.

i make supper. like a REAL supper. like enchiladas. and other stuff with vegetables. sort of… healthy-ish things.

i have a garden. on my balcony.that i actually am tending.

i clean without be told to do so.

i’m addressing and writing out over 100 thank yous from the wedding. that one i think i’m going to regret. well, i’m only writing out HALF, the other half are going to be a generic thing, but these cool COLORED envelopes come with a little piece of paper on the inside so i’d rather write on those and use them than take them out. OR i could TOTALLY use them as fun recipe cards!! oh, man, i’m SO smart. hello LAZY ROUTE!!!

i know that i should go for a run today, but my upper back hurts so much. one of those where it’s sore AND stiff, even though moving around would probably be tremendously helpful. and then it’ll be outside working on my garden that needs a little more tending to. someone apparently didn’t read the instructions (and it wasn’t me this time!!). but that’s ok. it’s that or sitting inside doing nothing. i already watched the WHOLE ENTIRE planet earth series. though it’s not like we don’t have 100 OTHER movies i’ve never seen. we also bought another shelf last night (thank you gift cards) so i get to put that bad boy together today and figure out what the heck to put on it and WHERE to put it.

so i know this wasn’t a mind-blowing epic post, but my brain just isn’t up for that today. maybe next week. see y’alls lata!!


3 thoughts on “this stop, maturity. next stop, domesticated…

  1. LiLu says:

    What a great idea to only do half as handwritten. I am sooooo stealing that some day… šŸ˜‰

    • jehlik501 says:

      yeah, because really… i don’t want my hand to fall off. and since i’m home ALL DAY EVERY DAY it’s going to be me doing it. lame.

  2. Kim says:

    Domesticity comes in waves, I’ve learned.

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