i have a garden!!!!

on my balcony!! see?!?!?!

i even have a variety of plants. i have a croton:

which was a birthday present from one of the besties. she’s actually the one who gave me almost all my plants. she also gave me the jews (purple hearted wandering jews):

as you can see, that one is a little baby one. i thought i’d killed it, but i was wrong. i think i killed his brother, though. that one’s not doing so well, but i’m not too worried, because i have LOTS of cucumbers that could use the pot that the dead jew is taking up. see?

the other half of this one is green beans. the NONsprouts are green beans. i got little guys coming in all OVER the place!! and i got them for a dollar at target. part of me REALLY wants to go get the strawberry ones, but i hear that we’re getting some strawberry plants from one of james’ coworkers. so… i just have to be patient.

so then, on the bottom of the green beans and cucs, we also have tomatoes!:

i think the front little guy is dying. it was TURBO windy the first day they were outside and he just got WHIPPED around until i brought them all inside. i don’t know if he’ll make it, but i sure hope so. i think the other three will be fine, though. they all look REALLY good.

so now you have the close-ups, but here’s the WHOLE happy family!

i’m just SO excited to have plants outside that aren’t DYING and are actually THRIVING!! the jews were pretty cold over the winter so they didn’t fare so well and i may have to trim up the long guy climbing up the fence, but we’ll see. i just want HEALTHY plants. so we’ll see what i can do about that. i’ll of COURSE have to give updates as things start to GROW.

the BEST part, though? james is TOTALLY into it too. so it’s OUR garden, not just his or mine. which is even cooler.


3 thoughts on “i have a garden!!!!

  1. LensFlare says:

    Nice. Got some various peppers, onion chives, and beans and one of those upside down tomater plants on my patio, problem is I have a north facing patio so who knows if mine will make, but hell, plants are so cheap it doesn’t even matter.

    • jehlik501 says:

      we face east so we have LOTS of sun. and now pretty much all my cucumbers have gone from being little seeds to little plants. the only problem is that i have… like… 20 of them. so i’m going to need to figure out some sort of new little system for them. like repotting a bunch of them so they don’t all die. unless you want some cucs, too!

  2. Tabitha says:

    oh em GEE i love your garden. i’m also a tad (okay, a LOT) jealous of it. we don’t really have a place to put anything to grow, because there’s no spot where we can get the right kind/amount of sunlight… but i’d kill anything i tried to grow, anyway. someday, maybe!

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