jumping on the bandwagon, sort of…

i have to be honest, i was interested at the beginning of this summer when a few people i knew were starting a plan to lose weight. they wanted to eat better, exercise more, etc., etc. it all started popping up shortly before my wedding and i figured i’d join up after once everything settled down. then wordpress became weight loss central. it seemed like almost everywhere i looked, people were dieting, counting calories, joining a gym and everyone wanted to share, brag, cry, and whatever else with the blogging world. and that completely turned me off. wherever i went to look and peek and browse around at new blogs seemed to have a weight loss story or links all over the place or that’s simply all they talked about.

so i said ‘no, thanks’ and went about my way.

now that summer is halfway over, i’ve noticed that i’ve gained a bit. maybe 5 or 10 pounds, not much to be honest, but i can SEE it. i can tell that i look different than i did at the beginning of the summer. i had noticed that my clothes were fitting a little tighter but didn’t (want to) think much of it. i fluctuated between gaining and losing, too. some days things fit better, some days, things fit worse. i’ve been thinking about it a little bit over the weekend and i figured it out.

i’ve become comfortable. yeah, i do some stuff outside and some stuff inside and i run sometimes and then i eat whatever i want. a LOT of it, too. we’ve simply gotten into a rhythm of life and daily living and i’m ENJOYING it for the most part. i’m not quite gasping for breath at the top of the stairs, but it’s taking effort. i’m much more tired but i just sleep longer. and those awesome jeans that i just bought a few months ago are now creating a wonderful little muffin top…

i enjoy being active. i love being outside. i’m just finding that recently, i’m inside more often than not and sitting, not really doing anything. the big thing, though, is that i’m ENJOYING my time, my life. i think that’s huge. however, i would like to be able to walk up the steps with little to no effort. i’d like to be able to run a 20-25 min 5k. i’d like those jeans to fit and look GOOD again someday when i’d actually start wearing them again.

i know that’s not going to happen overnight. i know that’s not going to happen without changing a few things. nothing drastic, but just little changes. being intentional about doing some active everyday. playing catch, playing frisbee. going for a bike ride. going for a walk. going for a run. watching my portion sizes. eating healthier things. not grilling three times a week (even though it’s SSSOOOOO good!!). those type of things require, at least for a while, living outside the comfortable. living outside the easy way. it’s so, SO easy to get caught up in the day to day things, being too tired or whatever to do the things that need to be done.

this is NOT going to become a diet blog. no weekly updates, nothing like that. i promise. maybe an update from time to time as i’m planning on running a 5k in the fall. i’ve realized, though, that half the battle is simply the realization that things need to change just a little bit. awareness. i don’t have to give anything up. i don’t have to drastically change my life or my lifestyle. simply altering two or three things a little bit is enough to make a difference. this is true of life in general, too. it’s so easy to simply fall into the rut of the daily activities. this doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, either. there ARE good habits to have and falling into a rut of good habits… well, i’m not sure i can really complain about that.

what i do know is things need to change just a little bit. i need to become more aware of what activities i’m allowing to pervade my life, the extent to which i let them pervade, and what other activities could certainly move to the forefront. i need to remember what my priorities are. i need to remember the OTHER things i like to do. i need to remember that not everything easy is good and not everything good is easy. i love my home, my husband, my life. there is so little that is bad and i’m SO grateful for that. now it’s time to starting slowing adding other things are truly great as well. things that i ENJOY so much but have simply pushed to the back burner. it’s time to experiment with cooking and making all kinds of food, not just the stuff that comes out of a box. it’s time to live life to the full and experience other wonderful things out there.

i’m certain this will not be the last time that i come to this realization and make some changes, but i’m glad that i’ve seen this. i’m glad that i have someone who will willingly make these changes with me. i’m glad that we are adaptable and up for new challenges and opportunities. i’m glad that we are always there for each other. i’m glad that we can enjoy so many things together, that we are so much alike, that we have so many opportunities to do fun, new things and meet new people. i can’t wait to see where this new adventure, and these new challenges, will take us. it’s going to be quite a ride.


One thought on “jumping on the bandwagon, sort of…

  1. nicopolitan says:

    Well, you do have one advantage over me in the ‘getting active’ sphere in that you actually enjoy being outside, so I’ll be looking to you for suggestions when they do come around.

    Oh, but frisbee is awesome regardless of taste or distaste for the outdoors. So maybe you’ve already started being helpful. 🙂

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