my awesome little garden…

this was our garden a month ago:

this is our garden as of this morning:

notice little vinety tendril things doing their cling thing:

notice flowers soon to become veggies:

so all in all, i’m VERY excited about our little garden and how well it’s doing. i mean, seriously. who would have ever thought that i would/could have a garden in my little apartment and to have it THRIVE?!?! the tomato plants are HUGE and i’m LOVING it!!! and the beans are doing really well (minus the one that just died and i don’t know why). and my cucs are FINALLY growing. i’ve given away over 20 plants and ours always seemed like the smallest whenever i saw other people’s cucs, but then again, ours were the youngest. we gave away all the older, bigger ones. but they’re doing JUST fine now.

so anyway, i didn’t really have anything to big to say or share, but REALLY wanted to give you an update on my thriving plants. YAY!!

2 thoughts on “my awesome little garden…

  1. Heather says:

    makes me sad that I still haven’t seen your apt.

  2. Tabitha says:

    Gah I love your plants and the fact that you can GROW them and they look so happy and alive! 🙂 We don’t have enough sunlight at our condo, so even though I bought Kyla’s “Four Little Pots” thingy to start growing some herbs, I haven’t planted them yet because I just don’t see it working. Someday, when we’re in a different place…maybe.

    PS I miss you like crazy.

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