“open-minded” people…

i know, i USUALLY don’t post twice in one day, but i really REALLY just have to get this off my chest.

i love that the people of my college are so open minded and accepting of everyone’s ideas and opinions. except christians. and republicans.

because apparently our point of view doesn’t count.

especially if we’re both (though i consider myself apolitical).

it never ceases to offend me when those who say that we should all just be human and be allowed to act as we want and have the roles that we want as long as those roles are consistent with what they believe to be acceptable. If a person believes in a patriarchal society where men are “in charge”, making decisions, whatever – that is unacceptable. this person’s mind MUST be changed because they are thinking wrong. maybe i’m missing something, but i fail to see the open-mindedness there.

before going on, however, i should clarify that i’m all about an egalitarian society.

anyway, throughout my college career, though unknownst to most of my classmates, i’ve been the brunt of their crude jokes, their stereotypical commentary, their crass remarks. i get it. everyone GETS it. people of faith have no real input to give, no real ideas to put out, nothing to contribute. if we claim to be a christian, suddenly everything we say has been invalidated because we believe in a book that says that women aren’t supposed to talk. because that’s all the Bible says, right? there isn’t anything else in there that’s of value. and we believe that women are subordinate to men and that we aren’t allowed to express our opinion because we all believe that women belong in the home, taking care of kids, and supporting her husband’s career. i mean, really, that’s what christianity is all about, isn’t it?

and hey, while we’re at it, i guess i don’t even see why i keep this blog going. what could i possibly have to say that of importance? we christians don’t HAVE original thoughts. we just believe in archaic ways of thinking and acting, have NO interest in social change and societal improvement, judge all who drink and are gay, and go home and read our Bibles every night. unless we’re the women, then we cook, clean and take care of the kids too. but we as christians have nothing to give to society so we might as well just keep our mouths shut and go about our business and think about how much we love patriarchy and Jesus.

i know that people have been exposed to phony christians, bad churches, all those things but isn’t it FAR more archaic to generalize the behaviours of the few onto the many? how many people would be offended if we were to ask a token male or token black person to speak for their gender or their race? that is only ONE person with THEIR own experiences with THEIR own life. they cannot possibly speak for millions of other people.

these SAME classmates who would never dream of categorizing the members of their subculture into one mass with the same mind, the same thoughts have NO problem doing it to other subcultures. they have no problem disrespecting people who have dissenting opinions. but we had better respect their opinions. because they have something worthwhile to say so we had better listen to them too. we had better give ear to all their words and consider them very carefully.

i guess i find it better, myself, to not say anything if you’re ignorant about a subject. i mean, look through my blog. how many political posts are there? i’d bet zero. MMAAAAYYYYBE one. maybe. why is that? probably because i know nothing about politics. nor do i care to but i’m not about to start disrespecting those who care about politics. i’m not about to generalize every person who likes politics. i’m not about to categorize every democrat as the same and every republican as the same. i realize that people are unique with their own experiences, their own stories, their own lives. being political is only ONE aspect of what makes that person THAT person. and just because they belong to one party or the other doesn’t invalidate everything they say. their thoughts, their words are JUST as valuable as anybody else’s words because they are unique. those thoughts were created and filtered through a UNIQUE person with UNIQUE experiences.

it doesn’t mean their thoughts are wrong!!

i would love to be able to speak up in class and point out these blatant ignorances, these harsh stereotypes, but i fear that i will be very offensive about it. i don’t WANT to be offensive, i CERTAINLY don’t want to add to the list of reasons why they are intolerant of christians and feel that they must demean them every chance they get. i wish i understood why it’s acceptable to make fun of this particular group but would be considered harassment if it was any other group. i mean, if we talked about feminists the way people talk about christians, we’d probably get kicked out of school. ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but it simply seems to be acceptable to propagate these kinds of thoughts and these kinds of stereotypes and quite frankly, i’m getting sick of it.

maybe you noticed.


3 thoughts on ““open-minded” people…

  1. Maaaaaam says:

    Welcome to the real world. You are experiencing what we, in the USA, call persecution. You were called to it when you accepted Christ and chose to live your life according to His Word. Consider all the abuse Jesus dealt with – before the “arrest”. He wasn’t even welcomed in his own hometown!! I would say that those people maybe need to read the Bible to understand that women were very vital to God’s work – Eve, Deborah, Esther, Ruth, Mary (Jesus’ mother), Rahab, Sarai, etc. The list goes on. Yes, people are intolerant of anything outside their own views. We ALL are, if we choose to be honest about it. But as I’ve learned through the Beth Moore Esther study – God is always at work – whether we see it or not. His name was never mentioned – not even once – in Esther, but you can see his handprints all over it. The same is true of your life – others fear when they see the handprints of God on your life. So they ridicule and belittle what they fear. That makes them feel superior. Trust that God will provide the justice in His time and live your life according to His will and what He has called you to do. Nothing more and nothing less than that is required.

  2. jeneypeney says:

    I have so much to say about this post — but I haven’t had my coffee yet and I don’t know how coherent my writing is right now.

    Anyhow, I think one thing you need to remember is that there are radicals on both sides of the fence. And more often than not, these radicals ruin it for the rest of us. Because they’re so hell-bent on having their voices heard, the stereotype is perpetuated because the other members, the less “hootin’-and-hollerin'” portion, of that particular group are lost in the verbal sparing.

    I, myself, was raised Catholic, baptized as such, and confirmed into the Catholic church. However – I am a firm feminist and I tend to lean to the liberal side of this ridiculous fence I keep talking about. When I decided to attend a Catholic, all women’s college, I was immediately written off as an outsider and I was criticized by the same people who preached that “we were all God’s children and we should accept everyone for who they are” – again, this is the radical side ruining it for everyone else.

    I have found that the best way to deal with this is to just be true to yourself. In all honesty, you are the most important person to worry about in your life. YOUR values, YOUR beliefs, YOUR open mind trumps everyone else.

    Don’t let the haters ruin life for you – and don’t let them ruin it for everyone else. Not all of us liberal wieners are that bad 😉

  3. Renee says:

    Tell us how you really feel. 🙂

    Sometimes, it’s easier to just smile and nod. Picking your battles is important.

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