random thoughts (catch up on life edition)…

  • i really like the new layout. i decided that the old layout was getting boring to me and many people had commented on how they feel like they’re reading my diary or something because of that layout. also, i feel that this one has a slightly more grown up feel to it.
  • i’m doing SUPER well in school – for those not fb friends, i SET the curve for one of my tests, and have gotten A’s on ALL my tests so far (i think… there’s one that i haven’t seen the score for yet).
  • i’ve been getting up EVERY weekday morning at 6 to do yoga. i sleep in on the weekends (til like… 7, yeah, lame i know) and then run. it’s awesome.
  • i can’t seem to sleep past 7 am anymore. sometimes i make it to 8, but only if it’s been a late night and i’m super exhausted.
  • we’re playing some awesome pieces in my adult concert band and i actually ENJOY practicing. though, i do tend to get really tense in my hands when i practice. not sure what’s up with that, but whatev. i’m just enjoying that.
  • i’m starting to fit back into (and look good in) my clothes. if you recall, a while ago i was whining about being huge and whatever – yeah, it was just period bloat (tmi? whatev) and now THAT’S gone so things are looking good and i’m FEELING good
  • i have an old friend that wants to be current friends again. at least in her words. her actions, however, do not support those words. i’m not getting my hopes up or holding my breath that anything is going to happen, though i certainly wouldn’t mind being friends again. i guess i’m just disappointed that it was so easy for her to walk away and forget about us. her teary message saying that she realizes she screwed up failed to move me, though. i guess i’m just not sure where i stand on this. maybe i’m debating getting back up on the fence. advice? (lurker advice welcome too)
  • i’ve been thinking about this for a while and for the life of me, i CANNOT figure out one would spell “the usje” as in “the usual”. does that make sense? that’s about as close as i can get, but if i were to type that out in a chat window or whatever, i don’t know that anyone would have any idea what i’m trying to spell. how would YOU spell it? (come on lurkers, pipe in on this one, too. please. then i’ll leave you alone again for a while)
  • i’m really enjoying the content of the other blogs i read. sometimes i wish i had more to read (though i was recommended one not too long ago and i have YET to check it out. perhaps i should find that comment. or you could just remind me again, mrs. carnes)
  • i love my hair today. it pretty much looks awesome.
  • james and i are hosting a life group (in home bible study) through church and the first meeting is tomorrow. i’m really excited about it. i hope everyone shows up.
  • i have this weird hip thing going on in my left hip. like i tweaked it or something, but i only feel it when i do certain moves. like this morning in the practice room when i readjusted in my chair and then almost fell out of it because the pain really really surprised me. maybe i should get that checked out if it doesn’t disappear soon. it’s been going on for a while, a couple weeks i think.
  • i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new no baby pills. i had a little tiny period that lasted 3 days as opposed to 6 weeks of leaking with the other pill (tmi again? whatev. you’ll live). AMAZING!!!
  • class starts in 2 minutes, so i better post this and go.
  • definition (for those who just don’t know) – lurker: someone who reads a blog but doesn’t comment. so come on peeps, help me out a little. 🙂

6 thoughts on “random thoughts (catch up on life edition)…

  1. lurking dad says:

    lurk lurk lurk……… 🙂 Just keeping up a little….

  2. Maaaaaam says:

    The friend thing……..let her make the first few moves. If she’s serious about it, then she’ll keep trying. If you’re not sure – maybe you should tell her that too. I can be that way with Denise. Not sure that we have much in common anymore to sustain a friendship, yet we still keep in touch.

    Not sure what you were trying to say with “the usje” – so no advice there.

  3. ashley says:

    great job in school! go on with your bad self!

    There is no common sense way to spell “the usje.” The best way is the way you spelled it. haha.

  4. Kim says:

    I love the new layout, as well! It’s really nice.

    And you are totally rocking school…and I love it.

  5. Kristen says:

    how awesome about the A’s and setting the curve!! And that is awesome about getting up and doing yoga! Wish I had that determination!

  6. abbie says:

    Ooh. Don’t want to be a lurker! That just sounds so awful!
    Love the random thoughts. Hope the bible study class went well.

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