walking around campus…

lately, i’ve been so wrapped up in my own little studying world that i have forgotten about the vibrant world that exists outside the school doors. i have all but one of my classes in the same building, same floor, pretty much same room (one is in the neighboring room) and my other class is in the neighboring building where i walk the 100 yards or so from door to door and am back inside. needless to say, not much traffic between those two buildings.

for one of my classes, i was instructed to write a paper about two places on campus: my favorite and my least favorite, compare and contrast using environmental psych criteria such as aesthetic and emotions (as in, what emotions do they evoke in me?). SO my least fave is where i’m currently sitting, at a table next to a windowless wall on the third floor of the library. my most favorite is outside at one of the tables in the campus mall area – obviously, only utilizable for a select few days/weeks. i have to visit each place at least twice. this is visit number 2 to library and i really am not coming back for a third dose. too hard to stay awake and to stay focused – i find myself SO easily distracted in here. anyone that comes through distracts me, the noise i make distracts, librarians putting books away, etc. you get the idea.

outside, where i will be heading shortly after i publish this post, is where all the activity is and i COMPLETELY forgot about it! seeing people walk around, listening to bits and pieces of conversation, watching how people do or don’t interact with their environment, all of those things. it’s the perfect amount of constant stimulation to allow me to work really, really well. individual things don’t distract me for the most part, i get lots of 5 or 6 second breaks that recharge me to focus again, and the SUN. oh the sun is amazing!!!

the thing that’s even more interesting than sitting out there, though, is the walking around out on the main part of campus that’s required for me to get there, or to the library. the students i see… the things they’re doing, it’s just amazingly fascinating, and sometimes hysterical. some of my personal faves:

  • amazing legs girl – i debated beating her up and taking them
  • the guy who was walking hanging on to the crotch of his pants
  • the boarder’s board getting hung up on an unlevel sidewalk and his elaborate attempt to remain unharmed
  • the guy singing along to his iPod
  • the girl wearing shorts, camo tights, and a nice-ish white shirt and sleeveless doily-sweater thing (don’t judge me because i don’t know what they’re called)
  • the lacrosse kids with their lacrosse sticks/nets/things
  • the freshmen with their lanyard of keys hanging around their necks
  • the runners

those are the kinds of things that i feel like i’m missing out on by being stuck in the same building from 9-1:30 every day. there’s no time to go outside and enjoy until classes are out. that is, IF it’s nice enough out to ENJOY it. i always seem to be surprised when i actually venture out onto campus, away from my little world, and see all the people and what they’re wearing and what they’re doing and how good or ridiculous they look. i know i’m not always suzie fashionista, but hanging out there definitely makes me want to pay MUCH more attention to how i look and how i carry myself because EVERYONE forms judgments based on how people look. it’s a means of classifying people and organizing all that information in our minds. i definitely want to be in the group perceived well and not in the group perceived to be ridiculous.

i’m too old to be ridiculous, i think. gotta start acting and dressing like a big kid, and yes, that means closet overhaul. or at least closet modification. i got some big kid clothes two years ago as a $250 (i think) shopping spree with my mom. i got some really good stuff and some kind of kiddy stuff, too, because at that time, i wasn’t sure what qualified as ‘grown-up’ and what didn’t. i’m definitely more aware of the things that count right now and so i want to start making those changes. i want to start dressing like a mid-twenty-something who’s looking to begin a career, or at least be taken seriously by schools that i want to attend.

appearances are SO important. physical appearance, VERBAL appearance, and yes, social networking appearance. lately, i’ve been cutting a lot of facebook ties. especially those who i never talked to and those who i wasn’t all that interested in befriending in the first place. i’ve had a few people try to add me back and only one has been successful in getting through and that’s only because of our history together. i don’t want to advertise my life to a bunch of people i don’t really know. basically, the only people who can get to this blog are the people who 1) know the web address or 2) are my friends on facebook. i even try to be pretty careful about what i post on facebook. i try to be careful about what i write about here. of course, at the end of the day, this is my blog, my world, my words and if they are offensive to someone, they certainly don’t have to come back though i’m sorry if i did offend them.

the reality is that it’s so easy to be found on the internet. it’s so easy for potential employers to look up your name on the internet and see what come associated. do i want ridiculous facebook pictures or status updates to be the thing found? no, not at all. in fact, i barely have ANY party pictures up. i’ve taken care to preserve the image i want to have out there to people who wish to participate in my life. there are a lot of people from church who are my friends, i have a few unbeliever friends that i don’t want to send astray because of how i live my life. i don’t want people to associate being christian with being hypocritical because of me.

this post definitely got deeper than i originally intended, but i think it’s so crucial to remember all these things when i go to post something on the internet. my husband has been part of a few interviews lately and one of the things they do is look at facebook – that’s before they even meet the person. what kind of impression is facebook going to give? whether i let all my info out there, or hardly any at all. what are people going to find when they search me? what associations are they going to find that will be to my detriment? i’m hoping not many. i’m hoping that when i’m searched, i hardly show up. i hope that they see that i’m one who pays attention to these things, who has taken care to take care of my image. that may be a rude awakening to some people come real world time and their college (or work) life is aired through facebook and an employer decides before even meeting that they are untrustworthy. i don’t want to be that person. i want to be the one that an employer WANTS to have because of how i manage my internet information.

what have you realized lately?


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