what the heck is going on with my face…

that’s a statement. as in, you’re getting the answer now.

i went to the doctor and apparently, while i was sleeping, i bit a chunk o’cheek flesh off. which means a few things for how i’m living my life for a while:

  1. no chew foods for two weeks (sometimes i decide i’m too cool for this rule)
  2. 3 advil 3x a day (or 4 if i need more)
  3. swish with liquid benadryl twice a day
  4. sleep a lot so as not to be conscious of the pain

i’m not going to lie, this is one of the more painful things that have happened in my life. not just the cheek that’s missing, but it’s giving me headaches because i’m so tense, it’s hard to eat, it’s hard to stay hydrated. i just want to nap on the days i’m really tense but our wonderful subie isn’t exactly outfitted for great naps. i take them anyway because it’s nice to not be aware of the pain in my mouth for a while.

the food thing, that’s not so much of an issue. we’ve been pretty creative and 5 year old like getting mac and cheese, spaghetti-os, instant mashed potatoes, fruit smoothies and trying some new soups. like tomato bisque. super good mixed with mac and cheese. some days, though, i decide that i want different food, like last night when i had a burger and a bar. because i wanted them. they were tasty and worth the extra effort of eating.

talking, though, has been a totally different story. i have this annoying little lisp thing going on, which i can eliminate if i’m really concentrating on it. and if i talk too much, my jaw muscle gets really, really tight. or playing my flute does that too. again, pretty annoying. my jaw wasn’t TERRIBLY happy last night after eating real food, but sometimes you make the sacrifice. i spend most of my day in silence if i can. the problem is that i’m a pretty chatty person once i get to know someone and have something to talk about. of course, lately it’s been about the hole in my face, but still. talking is very tiring, so once classes are done, i like to isolate myself at a table where i don’t have to talk anymore. it’s nice.

facts aside, i feel really dumb for this. i mean, seriously, who takes chomps out of their own face while they’re sleeping? apparently i do. and who doesn’t realize that they’ve done it?! i just woke up and it was there. ridiculous! (also, i’ve had to heat my lunch a second time because it was taking so long to eat…sigh) i mean, the story is kinda funny, yeah, but i feel stupid about it. i hate how much it’s interfering with everything.

on the plus side, at least i have james to take care of me and look out for me. he’s been a real trooper through all of this with my whining and complaining about how much my mouth hurts. i try not to whine too much, but this sucks. 😦 i really just want to go home. i’m so done with this week. that might have something to do with the fact that it’s a 4 day weekend for me. not like it’s going to be a REAL vacation or anything. basically, i’m just going to have lots more time to get LOTS of homework done. to really catch up on everything, to work on my TWO research papers, to read and read and read (yes, textbooks, no pleasure reading for me).

so anyway. this post turned whiny so i’m going to stop. i didn’t mean it to turn whiny but i guess these things happen.

anything annoying on your plate lately?


5 thoughts on “what the heck is going on with my face…

  1. lurking dad says:

    The only annoying thing right now is some whiny Jehlik chick complaining about her life and the extra hole in her mouth. 😉 Luv ya!

  2. Kim says:

    OUCH!!! This totally sucks. It soooo sounds like something I’d do, though, so don’t be too ashamed.

  3. ashley says:

    did you bite all the way through your cheek? It sounds painful!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!!

    • cari says:

      not a whole all the way through, just a little bite on the inside. kinda like a really big canker sore, that’s all. it’s pretty much gone, which is awesome. as soon as we get dental insurance, i’ll be heading to the dentist to chat about my sleeping mouth behaviors and hopefully we can come up with something that’s less painful to me – as in less biting and fewer headaches.

  4. Tabitha says:

    So I’m way (WAYYYY) behind here, but OUCH! I’m glad the cheek thing wasn’t something more serious, but I can imagine how you feel about having done it to yourself in your sleep. 😛 Hopefully by now it’s totally healed!

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