lookin’ up…

totally excited about today!!!

first off, i’m FINALLY talking to some people about starting volunteering in mental health, so that’s really exciting. i’ve been on the search for about 3 weeks now and it’s about TIME that something finally starts to shape up. i got all pretty and everything for it too. YAY!!

secondly, i’m auditioning next week to be part of the kidventure band at my church. kidventure is the sunday morning during worship time for kids. james does the tech stuff for it every 3 weeks or so, so that’s cool. i don’t know if this means that i’ll be down there EVERY week or what, but i’m auditioning which means i’ve been playing my guitar again! poor clinty’s been feeling really abandoned. this is the first time he’s been out of his case SINCE WE MOVED. i know… a little ridiculous. i’m also auditioning on the keyboard. i don’t know if i need to prepare two songs, though. hmm… should probably find that out.

thirdly, james is most likely going to register me to run my 5k this weekend. they opened up some more spots and there are only 50 for the 5k… which means they’ll probably go fast. you can only register IN PERSON at the civic center and i can’t get there until 3. so… hopefully he can get there before then to do that for me. i would love SO much to be able to run it, but of course, it wouldn’t be the END of the world if i didn’t. i’d probably survive. besides, it’s what i get for waiting til the last second to register.

fourthly, it’s a four day weekend for me starting in just a few short hours! yay for monday and tuesday off!! of course, i’ll still be working super hard on homework those two days, but at least i don’t have to go to class. i’m turning in a paper today that’s actually DUE next wednesday, but i’d rather not worry about it over the weekend. i’d rather focus on my other two research proposals and get a BUNCH done on those instead. as well as catching up on reading for my abnormal psych class. i’m a bit behind, but from the people i’ve talked to, they are too and are planning on catching up over the weekend as well.

fifthly, it’s the red wings home opener tonight and we have nhl center ice. which means that we’re having people over, makin’ some delicious noms and watching hockey! james is so adorable when he geeks out about hockey and it’ll be a good time having friends and (possibly) family over to share that. we don’t see these people NEARLY enough and what better way to spend time than something we all really enjoy? should be a blast although seating might be tight. small apartment, not a WHOLE lot of seats, but whatev. really, we’re ALL pretty much family through james so it’ll be just. fine. 🙂

finally, i totally shaved my legs this morning. i hadn’t shaved in… well…a while. i don’t even know when the last time was, but wow. amazing. i love the feeling of freshly shaved legs. i shaved because i wanted to look pretty today and wear a skirt. it’s SUPER nice outside (which totally explains why i’m sitting INSIDE writing this) and so it’s nice to be able to dress up, look nice, wear sandals, the WHOLE nine yards. it’s amazing how doing something so minor can change your WHOLE outlook on the day. or maybe it’s just the combination of awesomeness today.


3 thoughts on “lookin’ up…

  1. Maaaaam says:

    Wow – it usually takes longer than a few months for a wife to forgo shaving her legs. Poor James – how he has suffered all this time. I hope that you can run the 5K too. That would be fun! Someday I hope to be able to run with you side by side or maybe I’ll be just a little ahead of you the whole time. You know – be your rabbit – all the way to the finish line. ;D

    Have a great day!

  2. Heather says:

    I wanted to wear a skirt but didn’t want to shave. Which is lame cause I shave my legs practically everyday so it wouldn’t have been bad at all.

  3. Emily Jane says:

    I hope you got to run the 5k – what a feat of endurance! And best of luck with the audition!!

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