mental illness…

that’s my new field. what i’m going to be dealing with for the rest of my life.

did you know that 50% of americans will have at least one of 14 diagnosable mental illnesses in their lifetime. 50%!!! THAT IS AN EPIDEMIC! most of them will never get the treatment they need, a lot of them will not receive timely treatment, and a handful who reach out will be unable to afford the services they so desperately need. the others will be forced onto waiting lists, waiting to see someone, waiting to be medicated, waiting to find someone who cares about them.

what is this country that we live in? we hate old people, we hate people who aren’t white, we hate women, we hate children, we hate politicians, we hate people with disabilities, we hate people with mental illness, and the list goes on and on and on. i find myself incredibly tempted to move out of this country, but i realize with a heavy heart that nowhere is any better. where can i go where the general consensus is to see people as human beings, as being worth time, effort, energy.

how did we turn into such a self-absorbed, hateful society? how did we become a society in which it’s ok to deny treatment for sick people, where it’s ok to leave children in abusive homes, where it’s ok to harass and demean and marginalize people of different races, colors and sexualities? or have we simply always been this way?

who are we to decide who is worth helping and who isn’t? who are we to decide who is allowed to love and who isn’t? who are we to decide how others should live their lives as long as they are not harming themselves or others? why is it ok that people in maximum security prisons get dish tv and 3 meals a day and a 3 year old is forced to beg for food or money on the streets? isn’t anyone working on a way to make prisons more economical AND better psychologically for the inmates? isn’t there a way to house them that rehabilitates them, too? why do we just lock them up and forget about them and then WONDER WHY THEY END UP BACK IN THE SYSTEM?

what is this country coming to? what is our WORLD coming to? how do we make a difference? where do we even begin?


4 thoughts on “mental illness…

  1. Maaaaaaaaaaam says:

    Welcome to the fallen world. I’ve read quotes from the ancients Greeks, from the middle ages, from 2 centuries ago that read just like what you’ve written. The more time moves on, the more things stay the same. Human nature is what it is…..Satan has control over this earth……so we suffer…..each and every one of us…in one way or another. This is why God has called us to make disciples and to bring more sons and daughters into his kingdom. The hope is for the day when Christ comes again….and we enter into heaven where NONE of these things happen. Don’t get too discouraged. Remember – God is ultimately in control.

  2. LensFlare says:

    Haven’t commented on anything in a while but I can’t be silent here. What is all this crap? Seriously? I don’t see how as a whole this country hates everyone including non-whites, women, children, the elderly, etc. This has been one of the most generous caring nations and societies to ever exist on this planet yet every day I hear what a rotten country this is and how much we suck. Where does this idea come from?

    I say the real problem is we have been told since FDR that the government is here to help people, so we don’t have to worry about it anymore. Every year billions (and recently trillions) of dollars are pumped into social programs that don’t do anything to help people and probably do more to destroy peoples lives than anything. Welfare has destroyed black neighborhoods, regulations and taxes have shut down entire industries, and the poor have been told that the rich should be forced to give up their money and somehow that will make their lives better. And now there is the false promise that there will be free health care for everyone when in fact it will become more expensive and the quality will be much less.

    It used to be in this country that families and communities and churches came together to help people that were struggling or having problems, but now there’s some sort of government program that’s supposed to replace all those things. Maybe we shouldn’t be looking at why the prisons treat prisoners they way they do (which is pretty damn good, like you say 3 meals, cable TV) maybe we should look at the root cause of the problem, which I believe is a deteriorated home life, no sense of pride in one’s self, and also the same crap that you have written here, that is this idea that this country is so hateful towards everyone you can never make it, so why even try? It’s the deteriorating morality of this country that causes most of these problems, the idea that you should be able to do whatever you feel with no consequences, and when there are, it’s really not your fault, it’s just that this country is so mean that you get the shaft no matter what.

    This notion that everyone is so hateful of everyone else in this country is pushed by politicians and their supporters, mostly from the left side, to create chaos and strife and get everyone riled up about non-existent problems so as to further empower themselves. If all kinds of problems can exist its really easy for some politician or hack to come along and say I have all the answers, and by the way, I’m going to cement my own power stronghold over everyone in the process.

    The country we live in is still the most generous, most caring, and least hateful in the history of the world and I’m getting sick of being told its the opposite. It’s mostly a bunch of crap and fabrications and I can’t sit here quietly and just say whatever.

  3. Emily Jane says:

    This is SUCH a struggle for us “want to save the world” types. It seems like it’s too big of a project to tackle and it’s kind of disheartening, but all we can do is focus on making the biggest difference in the lives of the people we come into contact with, and hope that energy spreads somehow…

  4. ashley says:

    I think that yes, this country has always been that way. But not completely. Unfortunately, the news, and even history has never highlighted those who try to help…unless you’re Mother Theresa.

    I would argue that I care, and I volunteer with a cancer care ministry to help with the gaps in the insurance system: I take patients to appointments, I fix meals and I help clean. The solution to any problem like this is to smart small. Go out and do something, don’t just talk about it! (I assume that you volunteer too). Those little things that I do for the cancer patients makes a WORLD of difference for them.

    The solution is in the small steps. And awareness of the issue.

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