’tis the season…

i’m not usually one for holiday themed posts. i don’t like feeling like a have to write something good near a holiday. it’s too much pressure for me. so i usually just let the holidays go by without much to say. however, i think that this year is a little different.

first off, i enjoy Christmas. i love seeing friends and family. i love eating. heck, i love getting presents too, who doesn’t? the thing is, i don’t like all the HYPE that surrounds Christmas. i don’t like the shopping frenzy and the emphasis placed on getting ‘the perfect gift’ and having to spend, spend, spend to let someone know you love them. i don’t like that seems to be all about gift-giving and gift-receiving. this year, i was kind of turned off to Christmas because of all of that. yeah, it was fun putting up our first tree and decorating it and it was fun starting to see the gifts under the tree, and it was fun buying our first ornament together (which we did last night, by the way).

other than those things, i can’t say that i’ve overly enjoyed this Christmas season. i got annoyed hearing the same songs over and over, different renditions by different artists. i hated the guilt trip placed on me because i’m not that great of a shopper (or maybe this year will prove that i have potential. i really thought about gifts this year). i hated the idea that it’s what you buy and having to give a gift to someone because they gave the gift to you mentality. the more i think about it, it was the OBLIGATION that got to me. i don’t mind any of these things by themselves. it’s the obligation of it all that drives me nuts.

why is it that it can’t be about getting together with friends and family? enjoying each other’s company? why is not enough to let Christmas be about what it’s really about? i know that many people aren’t into the whole Christian thing and so why would they use this time to celebrate the birth of Christ? i get that. but even just to let it be about enjoying family, enjoying friends, counting our MANY MANY blessings – i think that would be enough.

i know that my family said that gifts were optional this year. money is kinda tight for everyone. little suzy homemaker that lives inside me, though, just thought that wasn’t quite right. for someone reason, i wanted to PROVE that i could get good gifts for people. not necessarily EXPENSIVE gifts, but GOOD gifts. so i hit up amazon and went looking. i thought and thought, asked a few questions, got a list or two, completely disregarded the lists and came up with something else instead. all by myself. i’m actually really proud of myself for thinking of these gifts and i hope that the recipients enjoy the gifts as much as i will enjoy giving them.

i am excited to spend time with my family. i am excited to see them, to hang out, to have fun, to do what it is that we do. i really want to take time to focus on the reason that i celebrate Christmas too. i want to take some time to slow down, to focus on why it is we do what we do. i’ve written a post or two about living intentionally, and i think that this fits right in. i want to be intentional about life, living every day with a reason, with a purpose. i don’t want to just let life fly right by me without having taken the time to enjoy it, to do it right, to take care of myself and my family, to cultivate the relationships that are important to me, including my relationship with God.

so, ’tis the season to reevaluate life again. to reset priorities. to start over. to try again. to do it right. i know that EVERY season is the season to do that, but especially this year, this season for me.

i hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year’s season, that it is full of friends, family, laughter and love. for those who have lost someone, i hope that you are able to celebrate the life of this person during the holidays, even though it seems impossibly hard. i hope this season brings a smile to all your faces and to all your hearts, that we all will be able to take a few moments to reflect on our blessings and enjoy one another.

Merry Christmas!



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