the last first day…

so today is my last first day of classes of my undergraduate career. this is the second time it’s happened and honestly, it’s not quite as exciting as it was the FIRST time it happened. i can’t say that’s a bad thing because i’m much more excited about the degree i will have in about 5 months than i was the first time around.

this semester is also going to be much different than previous semesters simply because i have SO MUCH more free time during my day. it’s kinda ridiculous actually. on monday and wednesday i have two classes. 1030 and 3 pm. what the HECK am i going to do during that time? i have no idea. i guess homework when that comes, but holy turbo, that’s a lot of time to have for homework. tuesday and thursday i have class from 1030 to 245 i think, pretty much straight through. which is fine. i’d honestly rather have it like that, though the lack of time for lunch thing is kind of annoying. and then friday? yep. at home all day because i ain’t got no classes on friday. i’m totally okay with that too.

so all of this means that i’m going to have more free time this semester than i’ve EVER had before. EVER. i do have an experiment that i’m doing this semester, so all of that free time will come in handy when trying to get participants for my study. especially the all day friday thing. i’m also doing more with my volunteering this semester, which is pretty cool. i was thinking, though, that i might switch up some of the days that i volunteer at the social club and do that during part of my four hour break between classes, which would actually be pretty cool. then, i’d get one more hour per week there (or even more) which looks GREAT anywhere, especially resumes and applications. 🙂 i do really like being there too, but sometimes the three hour block with no real direction gets pretty long, so it’d be nice to break that up into about 2 or 2.5 hour blocks. we’ll see though. have to talk to the supervisor, though i’m sure she’ll be fine with just about anything.

i have to say, though, i’m not at all stressed about this semester. having KICKED last semester in the FACE, i know that i can do it again. so, that confidence is pretty awesome.

the ONLY thing i have to worry about right now is getting my applications in. essays are written, they’ve been looked at by a few people, edited by me once and once the husband reads them, i’ll edit them one more time and send them off with a kiss and a prayer. i’m feeling more and more confident about the essays, though. i think i wrote them VERY well (which other people have affirmed) and i think that they represent me very well as well. i know i’ll be a good fit, it’s just trusting that God will make everything work out… that’s the hard part. not knowing for sure. of course, i’ll NEVER know if i don’t get these lovely things submitted.

so anyway, i was going to spend a little time with the instrument this morning, which would probably be very good for me since i haven’t really looked at it since my last concert. yeah, i’m bad. oh wells. this instrument is not going to determine whether or not i graduate. it just helps me maintain my sanity.

so here’s to the final semester, working my tail off, seeing where the future takes me and having a blast doing it all!


3 thoughts on “the last first day…

  1. Kim says:

    Good luck for a great semester! Seeing how well you did last semester, I have no doubt that you can put in a repeat performance!

  2. Daniel says:

    Yeah, today was my last first day too. It just feels weird to think that it’s almost all over.

  3. nicopolitan says:

    Almost there! Hold the line!

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