ignorance and irritants…

i can’t say that i’m up on the times and completely aware of what is going on in the world outside of my little bubble, mostly because what’s INSIDE my little bubble takes up about as much energy and effort as i have to get from day to day. however, when i do come out of my bubble, i try to catch up and everything.

i’ve noticed recently that the media and others are gobbling up the grand opportunity presented to openly and indiscriminately bash and cut down those who have, use or enjoy guns. as though the gun walked into that room all by itself and went off. don’t get me wrong, i think it’s ridiculous that this happened and i truly sympathize with family and friends who are forced to deal with the ramifications and repercussions of this terrible tragedy.

what i wonder, however, is when are those who think that guns did this going to realize that it was a PERSON who did this? this man, whoever he is, whatever his problems was the one who pulled the trigger. it’s as though people forget that weapons of any kind can do no damage without a living force acting upon it. a gun, knife or machete on a table is just as harmless on that table as a gummy bear.

what i think is also equally ridiculous is that there are those who are blaming sarah palin for what happened. like she thought up the idea and passed it along to the perfect unstable person. i don’t do politics, i can honestly say that nothing shuts my ears down faster than political talk, but how do you blame ONE person for creating an environment where unstable people make stupid choices and kill others? the way that democrats and republicans equally rip on each other and blame each other for everything that happens, it’s no wonder that people in our country can’t get healthcare or professional help for mental problems and abuse of welfare and other government programs and everything else that happens that i can’t even think to mention right now. maybe if they spent as much energy trying to FIX the problems as they spend blaming each other for them, we might get somewhere.

of course, i know that every country, every place has its problems. whether its poverty, corruption, or fierce dictatorships, no country is perfect. every country has its problems. i know i’m not interested in politics enough to try to change anything, but it would be nice sometimes to hear how our country is going to work to HELP those who suffer from illnesses and diseases instead of hearing how inanimate objects created a situation and blame anyone whose name we know.

i know that i’m speaking partly in ignorance because frankly, i don’t have the energy to read the news every day. i don’t want to hear it. i don’t want to read some ignorant person’s view on a situation they really know nothing about. i just get tired of all the blame that goes on everywhere. i get tired of no one trying to come up with a VIABLE solution. i just get tired of it all.


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