i have decided that i am going to run a half marathon this spring. i’ve been MEANING to for the past 3 years or so, but this year, i’m finally DOING it and i’m really excited about it. i found a training plan that i like because it incorporates strength training, but not a whole bunch of other fancy stuff. other plans i’ve seen are either for super noobs (run four days a week and nothing else) or turbo elites (speed work and hills 2 days a week, running 50 miles on saturday and cross training 1 day a week and all that). needless to say, i’m somewhere in the middle. i want a LITTLE bit of speed work and to be honest, it’s fairly difficult to find good hills to run in fargo.

today was day 1 of training. 117 days until race day, and coincidentally, the big 2-5 for me. someone’s gonna be doing a birthday run and i’m really excited about it. also, family will be in town because my dad, at this point, is planning on running the half as well, so i’m gonna get a SWEET birthday supper too. probably at my favorite restaurant, red lobster. seafood + pasta + post-run starvation = WIN!!!

like i said, i’m really excited about this. i’m actually looking forward to training, to getting in shape, to warmer weather so i can run outside. i have fewer classes this semester, but i’m volunteering more and i have two life groups this semester, so it’s still going to be a super busy semester. i think that this will be a great thing that i can do, just me. it will be something i can accomplish and do to  reduce stress since there are lots of things this semester that are capable of producing lots of stress. class, waiting on answers from seminaries, volunteering by leading a support group and not having many evenings free. and by not many, i mean 2 nights a week with nothing going on. so, it’s going to be pretty crazy, but i know it’s going to be good. i know that it’s going to work out just the way it’s supposed to. it’s just remembering that in the midst of it all, during the times i’m most stressed, when it’s hard to see the light at the end.

life is like that, though, isn’t it? every time, every season of our lives are filled with busyness of some kind – school, work, play,  family, friends, church. there’s always something eating up our time and filling our free space. how many of us have that one thing that relaxes us, that we love and can strive toward without adding stress? i know that i can strive to be a better runner, but ultimately, it’s for me. i’m not trying to perform for anyone, not trying to stay good enough to stay in the ensemble, not beholden to the standards of others. running is for me and about me and it will be me who decides whether i want to train harder or lighter, race or not, train or enjoy. just thinking about it makes me smile – true freedom in a hobby. how great is that?

i’m really looking forward to the future and i’m so excited to see what it will bring.


One thought on “training…

  1. ashley says:

    yes! this sounds great for you…cheering from the sidlelines!

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