absolute ridiculousness…

so, on thursdays when i work out, i’m forced to listen to our ridiculous hit music station. i mean, my choice is either to listen to y-94 or don’t stretch. aaaaand after a workout, not stretching is kind of a bad idea.

so, today, on this station, they were doing this thing they do called ‘catch a cheater’. basically, people call in, accuse their significant other of cheating, the radio station calls the SO under the pretense of something else to dig out the truth. SO THEY CALL THIS PERSON LIVE, ACCUSE THEM OF CHEATING AND EMBARRASS THEM LIVE ON AIR.

something about that does NOT sit right with me. as in, i frequently cut thursday’s stretching short because i can’t handle the stupidity. it makes me wonder, is this REALLY what this world is coming to? we are in a relationship and can’t trust the other person and we’re not big enough (or strong enough, i guess) to come out and ask them? we have to go behind their backs, tell EVERYONE listening what the problem is, HOPE AND PRAY that this person ISN’T listening at the moment and doesn’t figure things out, and then put them in a position where they never should be.

it makes me really think about the field that i am pursuing. this is what i’m signing up to deal with. not the whole embarrassing people on the radio thing, but dealing with complicated relationships. dealing with things in relationships that have no business BEING in relationships. teaching people how to talk to each other and to LISTEN to each other. how to stand up to each other to ask the hard questions. how to build a relationship such that the hard questions don’t really even need to be asked.

i wish i could call the radio station and get that show canceled. i wish i could make them understand that what they are doing is SO wrong. i wish i could get them to agree with me that these people deserve respect just as much as their partner, even if they ARE cheating. they ‘try’ to be somewhat anonymous when they talk about these people, not using last names or anything, but anyone who KNOWS these people KNOWS it’s them. they KNOW they have a couple friend by those names and boy, they sure sound familiar on the radio too.

we live in an age of airing our dirty laundry to as MANY people as possible. look at facebook, look at the radio, look at twitter. i’m not saying that any of these are inherently bad, but it blows my mind the things that people put out on the internet about themselves without even TRYING to be anonymous about it. they don’t MIND being linked to complete stupidity and ignorance. it’s almost a badge of honor. i don’t understand these people.

do you?



5 thoughts on “absolute ridiculousness…

  1. Renee says:

    If it makes you feel better, the people they’re calling are actors in on the gig.

    It’s illegal under FCC regulations to do what you’re describing to real people. They have to know ahead of time and sign a waiver or the station will lose its license.

    • cari says:

      gotcha. that does make me feel better, but i still think it’s ridiculous.

      also, glad you popped in. been missing you around the interwebs. 🙂

  2. Renee says:

    I’ve been such a bum. I haven’t blogged and I’m SO behind in reading blogs of other people. I need to get going again. But now I’ve had allergies or a cold or a sinus infection or SOMETHING for eight days in a row, it’s all I can do to get dressed in the morning! lol

  3. Maaaaaam says:

    Yes, this is the world we live in and yes, this is what you will be dealing with. No, I don’t understand this whole thing. There’s a word for it – selfishness. Make me feel better by making someone else look bad. I fear what our children are learning from this. What a messed up world and I know that it’s only going to get worse. That’s what God has told us so we shouldn’t be surprised, just be ready.

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