as promised a long time ago…

so here’s the scoop on school:

sioux falls: i interviewed with sioux falls last wednesday and it went really well. they accepted me into the program. however, i have until march 30th to make a decision. my interview with bethel (assuming i get invited to the interview) is not until april 15th. yeah.

bethel: i called bethel, laid out the situation, explained that i was willing to take the gamble of saying no to sioux falls to have the chance to interview and get accepted into bethel. they are supposed to get back to me soon about whether or not i’ve been invited to the interview.

sioux falls (+): great community, very fargo-like; the ability to live down there for free, as in with people connected in some way to the seminary if i end up being a commuter student; hands on therapy experience my very first semester; small class sizes; flexibility in class scheduling so i can be there between 3 and 4 days a week and home the rest of the time; graduates are lauded as being incredibly prepared for therapy once schooling is completed; full-time faculty are clinicians in the community psychology center in the bottom floor of seminary; one-building campus

sioux falls (-): not ‘person of the therapist’ oriented, very patient oriented; doesn’t have the ‘feel’ of a seminary; only 2 full-time faculty so several adjuncts which means less flexibility in scheduling meetings and whatnot; no research of any kind; the longest 3.5 hour drive of my life; i don’t necessarily agree with the seminary’s therapy philosophy; share a library with augustana across the street; one-building campus; subscribes to applied clinician model

bethel (+): very ‘person of the therapist’ oriented, believes strongly in developing healthy therapists; feels like a seminary and a community; flexibility in scheduling; i agree with the seminary’s therapy philosophy; plenty of places to try to find volunteer or job experience (very heavily MFT in the cities because of bethel and u of m programs); able to do research with faculty; each faculty member is an active clinician; small class sizes, but larger than sioux falls; insight oriented as far as therapist (as in, they teach the therapist to recognize changes in self because of a certain client or subject matter); beautiful campus; separate seminary library; subscribes to scientist-practitioner model

bethel (-): probably have to pay for part-time living; i am uncomfortable in the cities; sometimes hard to get a hold of or to get a response from; more expensive lifestyle than in sioux falls; not as much intentional supervised clinical experience (at least not during all coursework like in sioux falls

i’m trying to make a rational decision, but if anyone knows me AT ALL, i don’t really do rational decisions. i make gut decisions, so….




2 thoughts on “as promised a long time ago…

  1. jeneypeney says:

    This is TOUGH.

    Speaking from a school experience – I had an offer for a full athletic scholarship to Calumet College of St. Joseph and just a 1/2 academic scholarship to St. Mary’s College of Notre Dame. I chose St. Mary’s because I felt I would get a better education and more life experience there.

    Speaking from a professional experience – Right as I was interviewing and being offered the job here in Fargo, I was also in the midst of being offered an event planning position for a HUGE law firm in Indianapolis. Would have been more pay, more prestige, and more room for expansion without furthering my education. I chose NDSU because it was more solid (the Indy position hadn’t truly been created yet) and I knew deep down that this was where I needed to go.

    If I hadn’t of chosen to go to St. Mary’s, I would probably still be living at home struggling to find a job. If I hadn’t of taken the job here, who knows where I would be. But look at me; I adore my job, I am in love with a wonderful man, and I am thisclose to getting my Master’s for free.

    I think you should do two things. One, sit down and list three main goals you want to get out of your time at either Bethel or Sioux Falls. Then, rank all your pros and cons on a scale of -5 to 5 based on how well they fit in to your three goals.

    Lastly, when you look at the school that has the highest point value, really take stock of how you feel about that school winning. If you feel at all disappointed or anxious about it, then you just might be meant to attend the other school…

    I hope this helps – good luck!

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