so trying to do a tough workout after i’ve had the plague for a week – not such a great idea. as in, things definitely did not go the way i had planned. i tried a new run on the treadmill (since we got a foot of snow yesterday and thus, i’m banished to running on a treadmill again for a while) and this was a hill workout, i only got about halfway through before i wanted to die. as in, almost lightheadedy stuff. not something you want to mess with. then, i tried to do some strengthy stuff and it was definitely not as structured as it usually is. *sigh* i know, it’s okay, i just like to try to be really good about my workouts and do what i need to do so that come may and the half marathon, 1) i don’t get injured and 2) i can walk when we decide to go to new york a week later.


during my workout today, i got to, once again, listen to that ridiculous cheater show that i ranted about 2 or 3 posts ago. so, this time, they’ve been dating for 4 months and he hasn’t introduced her as girlfriend. so instead of just ASKING him about it, she accuses him of being a cheater. i mean, come ON people!


also on the radio this morning, i heard a song that i’d never heard before by avril. i’d assume off her new cd or something. i’d wondered where she’d gone, and honestly,  i was EXTREMELY disappointed. i really liked her early stuff, but since ‘best damn thing’ i just have no respect for her anymore. or pretty much anyone on pop stations. i don’t understand the appeal of listening to garbage music! the music is boring, the singing is terrible and boring and the LYRICS don’t even make SENSE! they’re just nonsense lyrics – like, i need to rhyme with something, or i need a phrase here so i’ll just stick in something ridiculous that doesn’t make sense. yeah. oye. where is music going?


speaking of ridiculous music, i have YET to listen to anything by justin beiber or that rebecca black song. i definitely have no intention of remedying that either.


i got new shoes and they are TRIPPY! wear them with gray pants and they look a little brown, wear them with black pants and they look black. put them on the floor and they look brown, set them next to a black belt and they look black. best $12 EVER! also, i bought some new running stuff from target that i’m pretty much in love with. also, some new sweaters. pretty sweet if i do say so myself.


my sister is getting into making jewelry and stuff (you can check it out at: and i have to admit, i’m a fan of it.

the first earrings i got from her. they’re little eiffel towers! so cute! also, i’m (hopefully) mailing out some of my old been-sitting-in-the-bathroom-for-3-years jewelry to her so that maybe she can repurpose some of it into new jewelry. and i’m getting some sweet new stuff too! all i have to do is edit her etsy page and make sure she doesn’t sound like a moron. i’m totally down with that. also, the purple sweater i’m wearing is one of my new sweaters. yay! (no vikings jokes, yellow is the ONLY color shirt i had that would match. can you believe i do not own a WHITE t-shirt?!? yeah, me neither)


i’m starting my final paper in my seminar class and the paper is on humor through the romantic relationship lifespan. i think it should be really interesting. i haven’t started reading stuff yet. i’m pretty sure that i’m just going to have kill yet even MORE trees and print off all my articles because i just CANNOT read staring at this screen. also, i can’t highlight and write on the pdfs. yeah. go go gadget paper wasting psychology classes!


going back to the jewelry thing, going through all my old earrings and stuff brought me to my necklaces that i NEVER wear but TOTALLY love. so finally getting rid of the stuff that i don’t wear to my sister has made room for me to see the stuff that i WILL wear. i’m totally wearing one of them today, too. it’s exciting. i have found that i, in fact, DO like jewelry, it just has to fit my style. unfortunately, i don’t really KNOW my style, but i’m definitely figuring it out.


3 thoughts on “minis…

  1. ashley says:

    eiffel tower earrings…really cute 🙂

    it’s funny you mention that rebecca black song because I heard just recently. SO SO SO bad. She’s gonna regret that when she turns…oh, 17. Cause what is she, 14?!?

    • cari says:

      i just got a BUNCH more from her. it’s cute stuff – like today, earrings made from her maid of honor bouquet. pretty cool.

      also, i STILL have NO desire to hear it even though i see references to it EVERYWHERE. on the plus side, according to someone who made it to FAILBOOK (yeah, i know, credibility to boot), she is donating all the proceeds to japan. so, if true, that’s pretty cool. if not, whatev. i’m sure the song isn’t making any money anyway.

  2. Tabitha says:

    Holy crap, your sister’s jewelry is adorable.

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