on starting to see results…

so, a while ago, i talked about working out. i talked about how great it is to have my own personal measurement device to tell me how much progress i’m making – and that device isn’t a scale or a measuring tape. it’s my husband. coming back to you now?


i’ve been continuing to train, more so now that i’m not sick and on the verge of death. that sick thing can really hamper a girl’s training.

anyway, again (sorry… feeling rambly today).

i was working out this morning, as per my training plan. it told me that i needed to do strength work today, of which i did a fair amount. i find that after about an hour in the gym, i’m so bored that it’s REALLY just time to leave. so i was putting in my hour, i was doing a bunch of stuff with free weights in front of the floor to ceiling, wall to wall mirrors (it’s either that or facing people on machines – yeah, picking the lesser of two evils). as i working out, i realized that i’m ACTUALLY starting to look different. like, my legs are more toned and thinner, my calves are kinda starting to have definition – you know, more than ‘i run a bit’ definition. i also noticed that i have a pretty darn flat stomach.


i have to admit, that’s pretty awesome. i’d kinda been noticing it upon getting dressed or undressed that the profile was a little smaller and that i could kinda see definition in the abdominal area, but it hadn’t really sunk in how much i have changed. the weight hasn’t moved much, which i fully expected, but it probably will as james and i really start making a concerted effort to eat a little less and eat a little healthier. mostly just to eat less, eat smaller portions. i’ve kinda been eating less throughout the day anyway, packing lunch and not wanting to spend money on overpriced campus food – but now we’ve been incorporating fruit into (at least my) lunch DAILY and just eating (slightly) more wholesome food.

i can’t lie, we’re never going to be health food fanatics. and why is that you ask? because that guy i’m married to can GRILL. him just firing up the grill, just THINKING about him firing it up makes my whole mouth water. yeah, we are NOT giving up grilling. however, i do believe that we can do quite a bit to curb the volume of food that we eat. we’re not calorie counters (nor do i EVER want to be) and we don’t believe in cutting out entire classes of food to lose weight.

i think that this a good turn for us, to start being more aware and more conscious of what and how much we eat. plus, i also learned on sunday at church that the kind of food you regularly feed your body is the kind of food it starts to crave after a while. so… if we regularly feed our bodies SOME healthy stuff and train it to need smaller portions, i think this thing could really work.

so here’s to health, happiness, a long life and still getting to eat delicious-but-really-bad-for-you food!


5 thoughts on “on starting to see results…

  1. ashley says:

    YAY for results!!! 😀

  2. Tabitha says:

    hooray! you should post some before and after pics. just sayin’. 🙂

    • cari says:

      oh snaps. i don’t know that i really HAVE any. i pretty much hate taking formal pics. i suppose i could see what facebook has to offer, haha.

  3. Alli says:

    Isn’t it a great feeling to see the changes? I can really tell in my arms. I’m starting to get nicely toned shoulders and my dancers legs are coming back, too! Keep it up lady!

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